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5 Reasons Why AR Will Be The Future Of Mobile Games

Augmented Reality Augmented reality (AR) has become a catchphrase in the tech domain. Back in 2016, AR made its first breakthrough into mainstream popularity with its incorporation into the game Pokémon GO. For the first time, players with a device as basic as a mobile phone could interact with Pokémon on their screens while roaming around in the real world.

Companies like Google and Microsoft have been introducing AR-based gadgets to give users a completely new and immersive experience of this futuristic technology. If you’re wondering what an augmented reality game is and why it’s going to be the cornerstone for immersive gaming, let’s explore it in more detail. 

After all, AR gaming has gained increasing interest and is expected to be the future of mobile gaming across all genres, be it battle royale, RPG, or even online poker.

What Does Augmented Reality Bring to the Table?

Tech companies are hoping to make augmented reality a part of everyday life. The metaverse needs this to happen in order to reach its full potential. AR will inevitably find a vast application in video games. Pokémon GO wasn’t the first and is definitely not the last AR-based game.

Revival of 3D

The concept of 3D films is not at all new. However, because of the high cost involved in their creation, distributing 3D films more widely is not yet commercially viable. Playing Mobile Games The rise of augmented reality video games has allowed more people to enjoy the immersive, real-life experiences that 3D graphics provide. In modern-day mobile gaming, most titles cannot bring in that deeply immersive experience to the small mobile display. This is where AR provides a solution.

More Appealing Due to the Novelty Factor

One of the prime benefits of incorporating AR is the increase in the novelty appeal of the games. As augmented reality games can provide a very realistic and immersive experience, game development companies can use AR as a USP for their offerings.

AR gaming could involve a lot of physical activity where players might have to move about from place to place in the real world to perform certain tasks and fulfill in-game objectives. Everyone got a taste of this when they played Pokémon GO. The novelty factor is high here.

Use of Advanced Technology

AR games will involve the use of advanced technologies such as geolocation and 3D tracking, which can bring invite more innovation and creativity. It will change how players usually perceive games when they can witness live and immersive 3D action instead. AR games will have more potential to shine than conventional mobile games. Man Wearing AR Glasses Traditional games do not allow you to interact with any objects other than your gaming devices. But with AR, you will experience real-time haptic feedback controls. When your mobile games are coupled with AR glasses, you will have your hands free to hold a unique controller or wear haptic gloves that would enhance the feeling of being in the game by giving you the sensation of touching real-world objects.

Replace Conventional Game Systems

We know advanced AR gaming is literally going to be a game-changer that will open limitless possibilities in the world of gaming. Soon, the use of traditional gaming consoles like Nintendo and PlayStation may become obsolete as AR glasses witness higher demand. Players will want to explore the world and play simultaneously to gain a more realistic experience.

With AR games, you will get to play and experience a game in real first-person mode. Besides mobile phones, wearing AR glasses will make you feel like you’re the in-game character yourself. You will be actually inside the game and not just simply as an avatar, but in your own physical body.

Face-to-Face Social Interaction

Unlike conventional games, where you mostly communicate with others via text or voice chat, in AR games, you will be able to actually play and socialize directly with other players in front of you. It will bring a new experience to multiplayer games, which could theoretically help players improve their social skills and aid in alleviating anxiety and loneliness. It wasn’t a surprise when many gaming companies hailed AR gaming as a tool for “bringing people together.”


The benefits of augmented reality have received lots of positive acclaim, and it is therefore considered one of the front-runners in transforming the world in the future.