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7 Best White iPhone Cases

Best White iPhone Cases

Our pick of the 7 best white iPhone cases rolls out to offer you a vast choice of sheaths that come dressed in a subtle pallid hue. Besides sporting the sough after light shade, the cases mentioned below each have their own unique qualities and attributes which are sure to tug at the functionality, just the way some handset wielders like it.

1 – iLuv iCC745 Glow-in-the-Dark Case:

iLuv iCC745 Case

Have you ever faced a situation where you could hear your phone ringing in your purse or backpack, but just couldn’t find it among the clutter strewn around in the bag? There are even times where owners find it difficult to locate the handset because of dim ambient lighting conditions. Well, putting an end to this mindless search is the iLuv iCC745 Glow-in-the-Dark case. This cover includes minute patterns littered all across its body that have the ability to of course, glow in the dark. Furthermore, it is touted to provide a secure fit to your iPhone and even protect it from fingerprints as well as scratches. Manufacturer iLuv, has also infused two protective films for enhanced shielding.

Price: $35.99

2 – OtterBox Defender Series Case:

OtterBox Defender Cases

Next up on our list of white iPhone cases is the OtterBox Defender Series that sports a textured silicone exterior for a better grip while accessing your phone. There is also a coating on the touchscreen for preventing those ugly fingerprints. The fine interior texturing of this membrane also aids in avoiding bubbles, static or oil slick appearances on the device. The company offers a completely revamped handy holster for safely placing it face-in or face-out. To further excite customers, this holster toggles between being a holding apparatus and a stand for hands-free media viewing. The materials used for creating this entrant are durable silicone skin and a high quality polycarbonate shell.

Price: $33.96

3 – Mophie Juice Pack Air iPhone Battery Case:

Mophie Juice Pack Case

Tagged with the line ‘get on-the-go power’, this Mophie Juice Pack Air iPhone battery case claims to deliver double the battery time. This slim and lightweight sheath is noted to offer a rechargeable Smart Battery cleverly hidden inside a low profile 2-tone metallic case.

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Users can easily switch between standby and charging options with just a simple switch. They may even juice up and sync their iPhone to iTunes without needing to uncover the case for inserting the USB cable. While providing all these attributes, it still acts as a formidable protection option with its hard shell exterior.

Price: $79.95

4 – Incase iPhone 4 Slider Case:

Incase iPhone 4 Slider Case

The Incase iPhone 4 Slider case can be described as tough while also being obliging. Touting to offer a durable iPhone protection solution with its lightweight hardshell plastic construction, it also allows direct access to the touchscreen, controls, hold switch, dock connector and headphone jack.

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Shock absorption comes in the form of the interior rubber guardrails that also defend the iPhone from scratches and other embellishes. There are even openings to easily accommodate the camera lens, speaker and microphone. When being employed with the iPhone dock, the bottom cover neatly slides away.

Price: $34.95

5 – elago S4 Breathe Case:

elago S4 Breathe Case

It is a known fact that when we have covers safeguarding our iPhone, we can certainly breathe easy. And what better way to inhale and exhale utter confidence than with an offering that bears it namesake. The elago S4 Breathe case claims to keep the handset out of harm’s way, in complete style. Although concealed on all sides, it still provides owners access to the controls, buttons and ports strewn around the iPhone without having to be removed.

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Offering a better grip and keeping away scratches is the polyurethane coated covering with ultra-slim properties. This snap-on solution also forays into the limelight with screen film and microfiber additions.

Price: $9.99

6 – SwitchEasy Chateau Case:

SwitchEasy Chateau Case

Among our array of the most trendy and choicest white iPhone cases is the SwitchEasy Chateau case which certainly stands apart from the other pale and plain ones of its kind in the market. Adding a ton of dazzle to your iPhone handset, this particular offering sports a unique sculptural design for added protection and advanced grip capabilities. No need to worry if your device happens to literally hit rock bottom, as it boasts of a super strong UltraFrame that is fashioned from durable polycarbonate for safe guarding all the impact points. Furthermore, there are headphone jack and connector protectors that also come packaged along with the sheath.

Price: $34.99

7 – Case-Mate iPhone ID Credit Card Case:

Casemate ID Credit Card Case

Our line-up of white iPhone cases cannot be complete without the mention of a Case-Mate product. Emerging from the company’s nest is the iPhone ID Credit Card case that enters with dual-functionalities to please iPhone users who need to have their credit card or business card handy at all times.

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Taking a load off the back pocket, this entrant provides a slim profile design with an integrated credit card slot which can apparently accommodate two credit card sized objects. Incorporating a hard exterior, the case neatly shields the rear as well as sides of the handset completely with its impact resistant shell.

Price: $35

From providing glowing solutions to allowing credit card accommodation and not forgetting security from bumps, the list of seven best white iPhone cases has it all. So which of the above treats would you pick up for dressing your Apple iPhone?