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Which Is The Best E-commerce Platform For Manufacturers?

ecommerce-site The growth in e-commerce over the last couple of decades has been enormous. Not only are millions of retail businesses using e-commerce to expand and digitize their sales operations, but manufacturers are too – and for good reason.

Manufacturers can leverage e-commerce to boost their sales, build stronger relationships with their customers, digitize their marketing process, expand their reach, and improve their back-end operations.

But with so many different e-commerce platforms out there, which is best? We’ve analyzed and reviewed some of the leading e-commerce platforms to answer that question and find out which the best e-commerce platforms for manufacturers are.

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Shopify is our top recommendation for manufacturers looking for a comprehensive, flexible, complete eCommerce solution. It offers almost everything you need to run an online store and is full of features that enable you to customize your online storefront and operations to your preferences.

It’s great for mobile shopping and social commerce constantly keeps updated to stay in-line with new technologies and consumer trends and offers a bunch of additional plug-ins and extensions.

The only real problem with Shopify is that it doesn’t provide features like production scheduling and material inventory management, both of which are crucial to large manufacturer operations. Fortunately, there is a workaround – you can use a separate Shopify ERP for those resource planning operations. As long as you choose an ERP that integrates with Shopify, you’re all set.

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Shopify is also very affordable, so it’s suitable for both small businesses and large enterprises.


Magento is another great e-commerce platform for manufacturers. It debuted back in 2008 and has consistently held its reputation as one of the most scalable and reliable e-commerce systems on the market.

It’s an open-source platform written in PHP and is suitable for all kinds of online sellers, including retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers, and dropshippers.

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To date, over 100,000 businesses have used the Magento platform to build their online stores and sold a combined total of $155 billion dollars worth of goods. These businesses include big-name brands like Huawei and Burger King.


The third option manufacturers should consider is BigCommerce, a platform used by more than 55,000 online stores and brands including Toyota. Their manufacturer software solution has been designed specifically with distributors and manufacturers in mind.

They provide everything you need for a modern B2B shopping experience, with suitable catalog sizes, faceted search, and API integrations. They understand that manufacturing buyers aren’t the same as regular retail customers and expect different things from their shopping experience.

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That’s why BigCommerce enables you to create beautiful site designs for large catalogs and integrated pricing segmentation. They also integrate with other important manufacturing software systems including ERPs, product information management systems, and other e-procurement systems.

Final Thoughts

Overall, any of the aforementioned platforms are a great option for manufacturers. Every business is different, and the best one for you will depend on exactly what you’re looking for, the nature of your business, and your operational process. That being said, as long as you stick to one of the above options, you really can’t go wrong!

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