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Which CDN Solution Is Ideal For Your OTT/IPTV Streaming Business?

Do you have a plan of delivering your streaming service online to any screen and any device? Do you want to capture the 5G promise or planning on delivering your television service over your own run and managed IPTV platform?

Anyone streaming live events to many viewers must think of distributing the video via CND or a content delivery network. So, in this guide, we will talk about what a CDN is, how it works, why it is ideal for OTT and IPTV business, and how to choose the best CDN solution.

What is CDN and How it Works?

cdn guide CDN or content delivery network is a geographically distributed set of servers that work as one to offer fast and instant delivery of video or internet content.

A content delivery network enables the fast transfer of assets required for loading video content online, including HTML pages, stylesheets, videos, images, and javascript files or data. The fame of CDN services keeps on growing, and at this point, the mainstream of web traffic is served in CDNs, which include traffic from well-known sites such as Amazon, Netflix, and Facebook.

A well-configured CDN might also assist in keeping streaming platforms safe from malicious attacks, like DDOS or Distributed Denial of Service attacks.

Benefits of Using a CDN for a streaming platform

By linking servers across the world, CDN makes superhighways that shorten the time it takes to provide video streams from the network to end-users. Sharing the workload in a set of servers also enhances scalability should viewership rise.

Here are some reasons why CND is vital for IPTV and OTT streaming platforms:

  • Scalability: This is one of the reasons why you need to use CND on your OTT and IPTV platforms. This is the fastest and more dependable way of getting your video content in front of many spectators in all parts of the globe. CDN is able to accommodate viral viewership increase and wider than anticipated live audiences.
  • Improve the Quality of your Stream: Streaming via CDN enables your IPTV platform to obtain the best user experience by minimizing buffering and delays by utilizing speedy superhighways to deliver streams to huge audiences in all parts of the world. While internet service providers or local networks might slow down the delivery at the first and last led, CDN will get around any traffic in between.
  • Speed: As CDNs instantly distribute video content to servers, content or files in them is not bogged down by the conditions of the local network or the lengthy physical space between origin servers and end-users. For a video-on-demand or live content, CDN is able to provide cached content with just one press of the button.
  • Security and Reliability: CDN also offers an additional layer of security through redundancy. Live streaming via CDN can help avoid distributed denial of service attacks that usually happen if a platform is flooded by many simultaneous tries to breach it. That is because a superfluous CDN with many access points allows failover. You would not need any backup choices if streaming with a single or one server.
  • Affordable Infrastructure: While many big companies choose to build out their global set of servers, this is not practical for many content distributors. CDN solutions enable the broadcaster to outsource infrastructure as well as maintenance expenses while still gaining from the same internal delivery power.

How to Choose a CDN Service for your IPTV and OTT Platform?

apple-tv-streaming-service With regards to live streaming on the IPTV platform, the CDN you opt to should be able to accommodate a fast uptick in viewers or spectators. Geographic coverage is a key and important consideration, and of course, pricing is always included and vital. Here are some of the features that you need to look into a CND service to make the best out of its benefits.

  • Support for Live Streaming: Will the content delivery network easily integrate with your IPTV platform to provide live stream services? As stated above, not all content delivery networks provide live streaming delivery, and through choosing one which broadcasters are leveraging for the delivery of video, you will gain from resources. Documentation and technical support on streaming with a CDN come useful and in handy.
  • Proximity: Location is very important. The entire point of a content delivery network is to convey or deliver the content from the server to the viewers as fast as possible. The RTT or round trip time between each spectator and the local CDN PoP or point of presence directly affects how quickly that video content is transported. Therefore, you will need better coverage of the fields you are serving. The down point must be near to the streaming server for a similar reason. Each CDN solution shared an international map of the network. You have to opt for a service that aligns with the location nuances of the audience to make sure effective distribution of the video.
  • Feature Set: Support for sophisticated security measures such as DRM or digital rights management, adaptive bitrate streaming, and multi-protocol delivery differs in CDN services. Of course, you want to ensure your needs and demands are met if comparing CDNs.
  • Cost-Effective: If you are already saving your content on Microsoft Azure or if you are running your stream server there, it may maximize the application of the CDN service too.
  • Rate: This one is, of course, self-explanatory. A lot of CDN services charge on a per-gigabyte basis, while others are baked into managed streaming solutions. Experts recommend that delivery rating must be the essential factor of the whole streaming expense; however, it is still vital to weigh your choices.


Using a content delivery network or CDN for short not just boosts the stability, safety as well as presence of your IPTV platform online but also allows you to store bandwidth and hardware deployments. Also, it translates to an improved user experience as well as the quality of service, having many servers spread in all parts of the world available to transport your video as required. However, make sure to choose the best CDN service to maximize its full benefits.