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Which are the most played mobile game genres?

Although today we have a wide range of games to choose from, it’s true that there are genres that are more popular than others. Even so, it is not the same genres that predominate in all devices. There are many factors that influence this aspect, such as the type of device, the dimensions of the screen, the way you interact with the game, the Internet connection and, ultimately, the user experience.


While the action and sports video games predominate on consoles and PCs, on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are other genres the most played. Next, let’s see which they are:

Social or casual games


This is the category that dominates the mobile gaming market. With more than 46% of total downloads, social or casual games are the most played by smartphone and tablet users.

This genre includes everything from games like Candy Crush to the most famous gambling games in their free versions, such as slots or bingo games.

Most of the online bingo and casino platforms have noticed this trend, and all of them already have their application so that we can bet on our smartphone.

Board, card and puzzle games.


This genre of games is the second most played on mobile devices, with more than 30% of total downloads. These are games in which our brains participate a lot since in most of them we must think of a strategy to achieve the objectives.

This genre includes the most popular board games, such as Ludo, Dominoes, Scrabble, as well as card games, puzzle games, and number games.

Action, strategy and sports games


Although, as mentioned above, this is the predominant gaming modality in the PC and console video games market; in the mobile game industry they only account for 11% of the market share. This is because the dynamics of the game requires a more significant user experience, which is difficult to achieve on small screens.

This category includes RPG games, war games, car games and almost all kinds of sports games.

Persistent Multiplayer Universe Games

This is the least favorite category of games in the mobile gaming industry, with only 4% of the market. This is because they are the ones who need the best user experience of all the ones we have mentioned.

These include games such as Final Fantasy and World of Warcraft.

Other games

The remaining 11% is taken by other types of games that do not belong to any of the above genres.