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When You Should Choose Managed VPS Hosting

web-hosting As a website owner, you must stay aware of all the different aspects of your business. This includes being knowledgeable about which web hosting plan you have, and why you have that particular one. If you have a plan that doesn’t suit your needs, it is time to switch. We will be discussing managed VPS hosting plans and when you should use one.

VPS Explained

First, let’s break down the plan and analyze the different attributes. VPS (virtual private server) is typically the next upgrade that people switch to from a shared plan. A shared hosting plan tends to be the first pick for new website owners or small online businesses. These plans are cost-effective, but they have some downsides. With this type of plan, your website will be among hundreds (or thousands) of others all sharing the same server. This can lead to a decrease in performance and security.

With VPS, your website will have its own portion of the server. This means that even though there will be other users on the same server, your site will have its own allocation of resources. It will also mean that your site is more secure and less susceptible to cyber-attacks. VPS will be more expensive than a shared plan and cheaper than having a dedicated server.

Managed Hosting Explained

Once you have decided that you are going with VPS hosting, you will find that there are different forms that your plan could take. One of these is a managed hosting plan. This is when the hosting provider takes full responsibility for maintaining the technical components of your website. Such tasks could include providing software upgrades, protecting against and removing malware, and answering any technical support questions that may arise.

Pros of Managed VPS Hosting

One of the primary benefits of using managed VPS hosting is that you and your team do not need to have any IT knowledge. Your hosting provider would take care of all the technical aspects and would only update you when necessary.

Another pro is that your website would always stay up-to-date with the latest software. Your hosting provider would constantly be monitoring your site and making the required changes. This will keep your website safe and secure.

Finally, using this type of hosting plan would save you valuable time. Instead of fixating on improving your website, you will be free to work on other areas of the business.

Cons of Managed VPS Hosting

The major con of managed VPS hosting is that the cost will be higher than an unmanaged plan. The client would need to decide if they are willing to pay more to receive the peace of mind that their website is being taken care of.

Another con is that the hosting company would have full control over the server and operating system. If you are more hands-on and want to make changes in these areas, you would need to go through your provider to do so. Some people may find that this is restrictive, or disagree with the choices that the provider makes about certain upgrades.

When to Use Managed VPS?

The group to benefit most from a managed VPS plan would be a profitable business that still has room to grow. Since the company is successfully earning money, they can invest more into a plan that is fully managed. A VPS plan should be fully capable of handling the amount of virtual traffic they are receiving as well as provide the resources that they require.

With this web hosting plan in place, the business owner can spend time focusing on expanding the company, rather than worrying about website maintenance.

It is also beneficial to have a managed VPS plan if customers are inputting personal information such as credit card numbers onto the site. A data breach would result in a loss of customer loyalty, and the company would suffer financially. With the hosting provider monitoring security patches and protecting against malware, the risk of attack is significantly lowered.