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WhatsApp’s privacy policy change gets challenged in High Court

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WhatsApp’s recent about-turn when it comes to their own privacy policy has sparked outrage across the world in the days since the changes were announced. Now two Indian users of the app are filing a petition to the Delhi High Court challenging the move.

To recap, WhatsApp will now share user data such as their number with Facebook so the latter can bombard them with personalized ads and make better friend suggestions. This has not gone down well with their user base, many of whom feel this goes against the app’s promise of ensuring the privacy of its consumers.

The new petition reflects this opinion, with the document alleging that WhatsApp, Facebook Inc and Facebook India Online Private Limited’s revamped policy is in stark contrast to the previous one from 2012. It goes on to state that the current contract compromises the rights of the chat application’s users and makes their privacy completely vulnerable.

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As per PTI, the petitioners assert that the shift changes the most valuable, basic and essential feature of WhatsApp, unilaterally threatening to snatch away the protection to privacy of data. Moreover, their advocates termed the alterations a very serious breach of policy.

According to them, WhatsApp’s method for getting a patron’s consent was highly deceptive since a vast majority of the tool’s user base in India is not equipped to read or comprehend the new terms and conditions. People have up to 30 days to opt out of sharing their data with Facebook.

The Delhi High Court has now issued a notice to the Center asking the concerned authorities to submit their response to WhatsApp’s overhauled privacy policy by September 14.