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WhatsApp’s bringing back text-only statuses

WhatsApp Text Status

WhatsApp’s revamped Status feature has been out for a few weeks now and has already gotten a lot of people missing the old text-only status. As it turns out, the company seems to be plotting a way to bring the latter back.

The latest WhatsApp for Android beta introduces a return to traditional statuses. Users can check it out by heading to Settings and scrolling down to the About and phone number section. They can choose to fill in their own text or opt for classic options like At school, Busy, and Available.

Individuals can see other people’s text statuses on their profile page like before. The photo and video-based Status tab is likely going to be around even if the text addition moves on from testing into the official version.

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WhatsApp is probably not going to abandon Status even if the response to it has been a bit negative. The company had probably hoped that the change would encourage people to interact with the app regularly on a more social basis than before, adding a Snapchat-esque twist which lets a Status disappear in 24 hours.

To recall, an intriguing new section called Tagline popped up last month in WhatsApp for iOS and Windows Phone beta. The feature promised a throwback to text-based statuses, allowing consumers to upload a message filled with words and emojis.

It’s unclear at this point whether WhatsApp plans to bring back text-only statuses via Tagline or the About and phone number segment. Both may well be in the running. Either option should keep the Status-averse happy.

You can download WhatsApp for Android beta via APKMirror.