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WhatsApp Working On Screenshot Blocking Feature Similar To Snapchat’s

WhatsApp Screenshot Blocker Snapchat’s most famous feature is coming to WhatsApp, in a manner of speaking. The Meta-owned messaging app is currently trying out a screenshot blocking solution for Android.

Earlier this August, WhatsApp announced a bunch of new privacy changes for the instant messenger. But we’ll get to those later.

First off, the screenshot blocking update for Android which is not yet in beta testing, according to WABetaInfo, will prevent users from taking screenshots of View Once images or videos.

View Once videos and photos disappear after they’re opened and seen for the first time by the receiver. On August 9th, WhatsApp announced that users will now have over 2 days to delete messages they’ve sent.

The option lets you delete messages just for yourself or for everyone. But any media they’ve downloaded onto their device or screenshots they’ve taken will live on, of course.

So should you feel safe and secure thanks the screenshot-blocking update that’s coming soon? No, you probably shouldn’t. Anyone who wants to record any risqué media sent to them over WhatsApp (or Snapchat and similar apps) can still take a picture with another device. WhatsApp Privacy Update Even if they don’t have a second phone on them, WhatsApp’s native Windows app, desktop or web version can be opened on a computer so that they can conveniently snap a photo with their smartphone.

A third change involves letting users quietly exit a WhatsApp group without it being broadcast in the chat. Only the administrator will be notified of the exit. This update will be rolled out to the public in August along with another one which allows you to choose who can see that you’re active online.

Not everyone wants their contacts to be able to keep track of when they’re online, after all.