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WhatsApp Web gets document support, Microsoft Office files work on Android

WhatsApp Web

When document sharing first entered the realm of WhatsApp it was a huge deal since the elusive feature took its sweet time to arrive on the much used messaging service. And after smartphones, this feature has now made a jump to computers, with it now being available for the web version as well as the Windows and Mac clients of the app.

What’s more important is that this WhatsApp feature allows the sharing of Microsoft Office documents as well, aside from PDFs. This ability was seemingly only limited to the iPhone since the past few days, but it has also made its way to the Android, web and desktop versions of the service now.

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Just like with PDFs, the receiving device will need to have an appropriate app installed in order to open the Microsoft Office file which can be a Word, Excel or a PowerPoint document. Google’s very own suite of document apps works best on Android, while web and desktop users can make use of the regular version of Microsoft Office.

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WhatsApp is in line to get even more exciting features in the weeks to come. A number of leaks have pointed out that a video calling functionality is being worked upon right now by its makers. Moreover, other traits like voicemail support, a ZIP sharing feature and more have also been revealed to be ready to be deployed for the popular messaging service.

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WhatsApp is now available on all popular platforms out there, barring Linux. This February, the service managed to reach a whopping 1 billion active users worldwide, showing just how massive a reach it currently boasts of.