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WhatsApp voice calling made available to everyone with latest Android update

The much sought after voice calling function of WhatsApp was accessible in a pretty limited manner until now, but it has been dished out to all Android users through the latest update. Available through the Google Play store as well as the app’s official site, this version of the instant messaging application does not require any invites for the voice calling trait to get activated.

It spells great news for all those who haven’t been able to score the invites ever since WhatsApp began testing the controversial feature on Android. During this bygone phase, a person who had the functionality activated on their smartphones was needed to place a voice call to another person in order to activate it for them.

WhatsApp Voice Calling

Once the function was turned on, WhatsApp displayed three different tabs on its main screen. While one kept a log of your voice call history, the other two showed you your chats and contacts like usual. These VoIP calls will work on data and Wi-Fi alike, if you’re wondering about that.

Although all this applies only to the Android version for now, it has been revealed by the developers of this app that voice calling will be doled out for the iOS version of WhatsApp soon. Whether this variant of the utility too will have a trial phase or will it be delivered to everyone at the same time is still a question though. We’ll have more on the matter when news on that is out.

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At the moment however, it’s Android users who are in focus, and the newest version of WhatsApp for the said platform can be downloaded via the Play store as well as through the app’s official site.