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WhatsApp update fixes iPhone’s storage devouring bug


A new update to WhatsApp is out to fix a huge flaw that had somehow gotten into its previous version. This bug was seeing the application eat up a lot of unused storage space, thus causing concern for those who own lower capacity devices.

People who prefer using iPhone models with perhaps 8GB or 16GB of storage were baffled recently when they found out that their free storage space was suddenly being gobbled up by something. It was later found out that that something was the WhatsApp app which had just been updated in order to introduce the PDF sharing ability to it.

However, the latest update has completely fixed the issue. It has also brought with it several new features that include the facility to share PDFs from inside other apps like Google Drive, iCloud Drive, Dropbox or Microsoft OneDrive. Moreover, it also introduces an improved design for browsing photos and videos.

It was only last week that an updated WhatsApp made its way to Android and iOS, bringing in support for sharing of PDF documents. This feature has been on the way for quite a while, and had managed to hence pleased a lot of people who were waiting for it.

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WhatsApp is currently the fastest growing and easily the world’s most used instant messaging app. It has managed to flourish even faster following its purchase by Facebook back in 2014. Its makers regularly keep churning out newer features, thus helping it better compete with other similar utilities available out there.

The WhatsApp for iOS update which fixes the space devouring bug is live now, and can be downloaded via the Apple App Store.