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WhatsApp starts rolling out colorful text status updates

WhatsApp Text Status

WhatsApp’s colorful text status feature has officially begun making its way across iPhones and Android handsets, a few weeks after getting discovered in testing in the beta version of the app. The tool represents a kind of full circle for the company ever since it introduced the Status tab in the first place.

So far, the Status tab has only allowed users to share photos and videos for 24 hours. With the addition of text as an option, it can be seen as a call back to the original purpose of the tool. Only this time round, it’s much more visible and louder since the text can be placed on top of a colorful background.

To get started, iPhone users will have to tap on the new pen icon which has popped up next to the camera in the Status tab. Android patrons will see the same icon floating on top of the camera. Once they’ve opened the window, they can type in their current mood and even insert a link. Colors, fonts, and emoji can be customized.

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WhatsApp has also rolled out a separate v2.17.50 update for iOS which allows people to tap and hold on any text to italicize, strikethrough, or bold it. To recall, the ability has been around for a while, but required people to remember the code for each. This way is much simpler and faster to boot.

The new text status feature is being rolled out right now. You might have to wait a while before you can access it. WhatsApp can be downloaded via the Play Store and App Store.