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WhatsApp revamps Groups with new features, more admin controls

WhatsApp Group Description

WhatsApp has made a big announcement about Groups, rolling out a slew of new features in the hopes of making it easier to use. Many of these tools have already gotten leaked in the past, so it’s nice that they’re finally ready for the public.

Starting off with Group description, WhatsApp has added a small section underneath the group info header image to outline what the group is all about. Anyone who joins the group will see this explanation at the top of the conversation window.

It’s basically a convenient way to welcome someone to a WhatsApp chat and tell them what it’s for. Moving on to admin controls, administrators can now decide who can change a group’s icon, description, and subject in group settings. This will make sure random members don’t significantly alter important information.

WhatsApp Group @ Button

Then there’s participant search, allowing anyone in a WhatsApp group to find anyone else by looking up their name in the group info page. This is great for times when a user wants to chat privately with a person they may not have in their contacts.

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WhatsApp has further introduced a neat Group catch up tool in the form of a new @ button placed at the bottom right corner of the chat window. Tapping on the icon will allow individuals to jump to messages which mention or reply to them. This in turn will let them quickly get caught up with important messages if they’ve been away from the Group for a long time.

In other WhatsApp admin news, administrators are now able to take back admin privileges from other admins and group creators can’t be kicked out of groups they’ve opened. WhatsApp also won’t allow users to be repeatedly added to groups they’ve left. This action is meant to serve as a form of protection against spammers.

WhatsApp says it’s rolling out these changes to Android and iOS users now. You can download the app via the Play Store or App Store.