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WhatsApp on iOS gets 3D Touch support now

The iPhone 6S and the iPhone 6S Plus are the only two iOS handsets that bear the 3D Touch technology, but apps like WhatsApp are wasting no time in offering support for this neat new feature. Among other things, the newest update to this messaging utility lets you take full advantage of the pressure sensitive displays of these two smartphones.

To understand how 3D Touch works with WhatsApp, it’s important to note that the technology allows for multiple levels of pressure to be sensed by the display. So, if you press hard once on the screen you will get a different result than what you’d get if you press even harder.

These two methods are called Peek and Pop by Apple. If you’ve received a picture on WhatsApp, you can press hard on the app’s icon to peek at the image. You can leave it right there, but if you wish to reply to the sender, you can press harder on the icon to pop open the full app. This works for videos, links, contact cards and locations as well.

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Other traits that have found their way into this latest version of WhatsApp include support for a mirrored and optimized interface for right-to-left languages like Arabic. A number of bug fixes and performance improvements have also found their way into this upgrade, like always.

It was only yesterday that we reported about Facebook’s iOS app having received support for the 3D Touch technology. This enables users to easily access the prime functions of the app without opening it fully.

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The fresh WhatsApp update which blesses it with 3D Touch support is live now on the Apple App Store for everyone to download.