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WhatsApp now plays Facebook, Instagram videos inside the app

WhatsApp Facebook Videos

WhatsApp for iPhone has just received a major update to version 2.18.51, introducing 3 new features as part of the package. The upgrade is rolling out right now to all iOS users.

The first big change involves Facebook and Instagram videos. If a person gets a link to either of those in WhatsApp, the video will automatically play inside the chat app in a small window. It works just like the YouTube picture-in-picture (PiP) feature which got launched back in January 2018.

PiP means that people will be able to continue watching the Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube video even if they switch to another chat. The window where it’s playing can be moved up and down. Flicking it to the extreme top or extreme bottom will make it disappear, while pushing it to side will minimize it.

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Once it opens, users can choose to watch it in full screen mode. Sadly, iOS’ PiP mode can’t exist outside WhatsApp unlike Android’s PiP mode. Speaking of, the Android version of WhatsApp doesn’t appear to support Facebook and Instagram videos yet.

The second big change is useful for group admins in WhatsApp. They now have the power to remove admin rights from other admins. To do so, all they have to do is select the admin they want to demote in Group Info and then tap Dismiss As Admin.

The third big change also centers on group admins. They’ve gotten the power to choose who can change a WhatsApp group’s subject, icon and description. They can do this by opening Group Info and tapping Group Settings.

You can download WhatsApp for iPhone via the App Store.