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WhatsApp now lets you quote messages


WhatsApp has just rolled out a cool new update which lets you to quote a message when replying to someone. The feature was first spotted out and about in beta releases earlier this week and has now hit mass availability across iOS and Android.

To get started, all you have to do is long press a WhatsApp message and hit the reply option which pops up alongside delete, forward, star and copy. The quoted text will then appear in a preview format in a grey box, underneath which you can add your own comment. There’s also a small x button to get rid of the quote if you don’t want to send it.

On the receiver’s side of things, they’ll be able to tap on the quoted message to instantly get transported to the corresponding text. WhatsApp automatically scrolls up to wherever it is in the conversation and highlights it in blue before fading away the color. This aspect could prove to be especially useful in cases where the original chat’s context is necessary to understand it.

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The new WhatsApp feature can be used in both one-on-one and group chats. The app has tried to make the quotes look as appealing as possible, color-coding each with a specific color particular to the receiver. The shading should make it easier to spot and highlight the quote in a crowded group text.

WhatsApp notably lets you quote anyone in a conversation, even yourself. You can even send a video or photo under the new system, with the media showing up as a small thumbnail inside the quote. Like we said above, these changes are rolling out now. You can download the updated app via the App Store or Play Store.