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WhatsApp update adds iPhone XS Max support, revamped message shortcuts

iPhone XS Face ID Unlock

WhatsApp has a new update waiting for iPhone users. Version 2.18.100 of the app introduces 3 new changes, one of which will make iPhone XS Max owners very happy.

That’s because the upgrade includes support for the iPhone XS Max. The device is the biggest smartphone Apple has put out till date, stretching 6.5 inches across diagonally. This clearly requires a refreshed interface which takes advantage of all that space, but WhatsApp didn’t develop one in time for the handset’s release.

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WhatsApp Voice Message Changes

In any case, users can now interact with WhatsApp on their iPhone XS Max like a normal app and not a scaled-down one. The other two modifications affect all iPhone owners. One allows them to play consecutive voice messages in sequence. This way, they won’t have to press play every time they want to jump to the next audio recording.

Finally, WhatsApp’s changed the design of its message shortcuts. When a person long presses a text, the new look is supposed to make it faster to reply, forward, delete, copy, or star the message. It’s actually the same menu as before, just that the options appear vertically instead of horizontally.

WhatsApp Text Menu

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They’re also set against a white background and not a black one like before. The message itself gets lit up, while the rest of the chat get thrown under shadow. Interestingly, the menu pops up wherever your finger pressed down on the screen instead of one standard location.

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One limiting factor to this new vertical design is that only a limited number of choices pop up if the iPhone is held horizontally. You’ll have to keep tapping on “More” to access the others. This might change depending on the size of the iPhone though.

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You can check out WhatsApp’s update for yourself by downloading it through the App Store.