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WhatsApp for iPhone has a built-in YouTube player now

WhatsApp YouTube

You might recall a WhatsApp for iPhone update from all the way back in November last year which promised to let you watch YouTube videos right inside the app. Well, it’s been quite a while since then with no sign of this happening.

This ends now as WhatsApp has finally enabled YouTube PiP (Picture-in-Picture) in version 2.18.11 for iOS. Once you upgrade, you should be able to view videos directly within the conversation window. The tool works whether you’ve sent or received a link.

As you can see above, there’s a play button at the center of the video message with the YouTube link. Tapping on it will instantly open up a floaty bubble which can be moved around the screen. It eventually glides to the bottom or the top depending on where you last left it, so you can’t place it in the middle.

WhatsApp YouTube Full Screen

The video player continues to roll even if you exit the chat window to visit other conversations or parts of the app. This will be a boon for multitasking since you’ll be able to chat with multiple people on WhatsApp while watching the video.

You can also temporarily pause the video and clear out space by swiping the bubble to the right. This will minimize it to the side with an arrow pointing out. Tapping on the arrow will instantly bring it up again. Swiping to the bottom makes it vanish from WhatsApp completely.

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The player itself offers some basic buttons like play/pause, full screen, and close. You can download WhatsApp via the App Store. There’s no word on whether YouTube PiP will eventually hit Android and Windows Phone.