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WhatsApp introduces voice messaging, hits 300 million monthly active users

With competitors constantly on its tail, WhatsApp has gone ahead that introduced an enhanced voice messaging feature which gives it the push-to-talk ability. It has been revealed that this new trait should start rolling out to all platforms in the days to come. Yesterday moreover, the company even went on to announce that it now possesses 300 million monthly active users.

While Whatsapp had a voice sharing function in its apps prior to this, it required a pretty long string of commands to use it. To add to that, the voice files needed the default audio player to render themselves and they even featured a limit to their durations. But now, with the new additions, voice chatting on Whatsapp has become easier than ever. All users have to do its keep an icon pressed until they record their message – which can be as long as they wish by the way – and as soon as they let go of it, the message will be sent. If they want to abort the voice message midway, swiping towards the left should do the trick.


While speaking to AllThingsD, Whatsapp co-founder and CEO, Jan Koum disclosed that users of the messaging service currently send 11 billion messages and receive 20 billion messages per day. These whopping numbers are complemented by the fact that the service boasts of over 20 million active users each in Germany, Mexico, India and Spain.

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Whatsapp surely is growing fast, and the rapid competition it faces from other similar applications is definitely one of the reasons for this.