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WhatsApp Introduces New Native Windows App

WhatsApp Meta-owned WhatsApp has now got a native Windows app version. You can already use WhatsApp in the browser or as a web-based desktop app. But you can’t use it if the phone which serves as the primary device is offline.

With the new app which is native to Windows, you can utilize the instant messenger even when your smartphone has its data connection switched off. You can send or receive messages and have them synced automatically without repeatedly linking your phone, after the very first time you sign in.

The app also lets you make calls straight from your computer. According to the WhatsApp blog, users can look forward to better speed and reliability, thanks to the app’s native Windows build that can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store for free.

So where’s the native MacOS version of WhatsApp for Apple fans? It’s in beta testing right now. As for the Windows version, you cannot sign in without connecting it to an account linked to a phone number.

The interface design hasn’t received any massive overhaul, which makes sense for now. A somewhat uniform appearance is likely to look less confusing to those who’re already comfortable with its web or desktop version.

In other news about the IM, the company has launched multi-device support for it. You can simultaneously link a maximum of four devices and one phone to a single WhatsApp account now.

There are a few drawbacks though — you can’t clear history or delete chat conversations if your main device is an iPhone. Link previews for messages aren’t available if you’re sending them from WhatsApp Web, nor is live location viewable.