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WhatsApp to ignore HC order, continue sharing data with Facebook

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WhatsApp is currently facing a barrage of legal trouble from all over the world, with countries like India and Germany issuing orders against its recent privacy policy about-turn. However, the popular chat app has no intentions of following the former’s order going by a new report.

To recap, the Delhi High Court told WhatsApp to delete all user data for people who opted to leave the app before September 25. The authority also commanded it only start sharing information with Facebook after that date for people who chose to stick with the platform and get rid of all stats related to them up until September 25.

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Mashable India is now reporting that this directive hasn’t affected WhatsApp’s policy at all. The firm told the publication that it plans to share information with Facebook as planned. Moreover, it stated that the order has no impact on the changes to its terms and privacy policy.

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This won’t come as welcome news to the two petitioners who filed the court case against WhatsApp in the first place. They felt the revamped policy violated user rights and made their privacy completely open to exploitation. They also felt it went against the company’s previous promises outlined in the earlier policy.

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It’ll be interesting to see whether WhatsApp follows a similar pattern in Germany as well. The Hamburg Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information delivered a much harsher verdict in its ruling, ordering Facebook to refrain from collecting user data and delete any it has received so far.