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WhatsApp Gold is not a special upgrade for celebrities only, don’t be stupid

Do not click on links in messages promising WhatsApp Gold or WhatsApp Plus!


There’s no special version of WhatsApp called WhatsApp Gold or WhatsApp Plus that is secretly available to celebrities and other important people. If you receive a message claiming this and click on the download link, you will end up mistakenly inviting a virus onto your mobile device. So watch out.

This WhatsApp Gold scam has surfaced repeatedly since it was first heard of in 2016. It keeps fooling people because we just love the words “exclusive” and “special”. Who doesn’t want to feel like they’re better than the next person, right? The fake message promises users access to secret WhatsApp features if they download the update.

Once the victim opens the message and clicks on the link to the supposed update, they are directed to a website loaded with malware. Not only can the malicious software steal important personal data, it can also brick your phone. Be smart, do not open links in suspicious messages forwarded through WhatsApp or social media channels.

Tell everyone about this scam that is once again doing the rounds of the Internet. The hoax may come as a warning message asking people not to open a video called ‘Martinelli’ which is being circulated on social media. Alternately, it could be a forwarded message tempting you with a feature-packed, limited edition of WhatsApp.

New iterations of the messaging application for Android and iOS are officially made available through Google Play Store and iTunes. If you have enabled automatic app updates (scroll down to see how) on your device, congratulations, you are using the latest version of WhatsApp.

App Update Permissions

How to enable or disable automatic app updates:

– Android users should open Google Play Store and tap on the hamburger icon (three stacked lines) on the upper left side. Here, you’ll find the option to auto-update applications under Settings.
– Apple iOS users can toggle with automatic app downloads by going to Settings > iTunes & App Stores > Updates from their home screen.