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WhatsApp app for Android gets blessed with new Material Design facelift

WhatsApp for Android has just been blessed with an updated version which bestows the extremely popular instant messaging app with a Material Design overhaul. This completely changes the entire look and feel of the utility, and brings its appearance in line with other modern Material Design apps.

This fresh version of WhatsApp has arrived in the form of an experimental build which can be downloaded now from the messenger’s official website. The build has been granted the number 2.12.38, and there’s still some time left for it to make its way to the Google Play store. However, that shouldn’t stop you from legitimately downloading an APK file through the link down below.

WhatsApp For Android

No new features have been included in this version of the app, as this WhatsApp for Android update only has the aim of giving it a Material Design revamp. This design language was first unveiled by Google along with its Android 5.0 Lollipop OS, and has since then been adopted by a large number of app developers for their offerings.

Apart from flat icons and simple colors, it is characterized by heavy animations and shadows. The new version of WhatsApp features all that, and thus gives users a fresh look at their favorite instant messaging application.

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WhatsApp for Android was recently updated with support for the voice calling functionality as well. This new feature enables you to place VoIP calls using your mobile’s data connection or Wi-Fi networks.

You can now download the Material Design-equipped WhatsApp version through the company’s official site. Do let us know what you think about the new user interface in the comments section down below.