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WhatsApp finally hits Microsoft Edge

WhatsApp Web Microsoft Edge

Chat-happy users of Microsoft Edge can now rejoice as WhatsApp has finally started rolling out its Web platform for the browser. Up till now, the service was restricted to Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari.

WhatsApp has always been a bit slower when it comes to introducing new features for Microsoft products. Enterprising users could always trick the Edge browser into running WhatsApp Web, but it’ll be a welcome feature for those not interested in going through various software hoops to use it.

Like before, WhatsApp patrons just have to scan the QR code found on the page to connect their smartphone. The support for Microsoft Edge was first noticed by the folks over at Reddit. However, the thread notes that WhatsApp Web isn’t working for all consumers of the browser.

This could mean the update is rolling out slowly and will take some time to reach all users. In other WhatsApp news, the app has raised the group member limit to 256 people instead of just 100. The change is only available for Android and iOS customers as of now, with no word on when it’ll be sent out to other platforms.

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WhatsApp had recently announced that it had crossed the 1 billion active user mark. The application has effectively managed to double its consumer base ever since it was snapped up by Facebook for $19 billion. While the latter had promised not to interfere with the former’s operations at the time, this could be changing soon.

Having switched WhatsApp’s subscription model from paid to free, Facebook is looking to businesses to monetize the service. Enterprises will basically be given the opportunity to interact with customers one-on-one. Another change may arrive in the form of an option to share data with the social networking giant, ostensibly to improve experiences.