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WhatsApp to comply with HC order after all


WhatsApp is denying media reports which allege that the chat app is going to flout the Delhi High Court’s order. The authority had told the company to delete all user data before September 25 for both exiting and non-exiting consumers.

Following this directive, WhatsApp apparently told Mashable India that it plans to share information with Facebook as planned and the ruling had no impact on the intended policy and terms of service updates. However, the brand has now come out with an official statement of its own.

As per the declaration, WhatsApp says it will comply with the Delhi High Court’s order and plans to proceed with the privacy policy and terms update in accordance with the authority’s command. It also went on to assert that the HC’s emphasis on the importance of user choice and consent is encouraging.

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WhatsApp’s statement seems to indicate that it hasn’t complied with the directive yet. The High Court had passed the sentence on September 23, two days before the September 25 deadline. People who chose to leave the app before that date were supposed to have all their information deleted.

As for the data of consumers who chose to stay, it was meant to be eliminated before September 25 and shared with Facebook only after that date. The HC’s verdict is a soft blow compared to the German one against WhatsApp which came out a few days ago.

Germany’s regulatory body has ordered Facebook to erase all WhatsApp user data it has received so far and stop the collection of information on the 35 million German members of the tool.