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Your WhatsApp can easily be hacked, here’s how to prevent that from happening

WhatsApp is one of the leading instant messaging apps in the world, and it’s hard to stay away from it if you happen to own a smartphone. It is hence that it has over 600 million users onboard till date, and that number is sure to keep growing even as new and awesome attributes keep being infused into the app from time to time.

How is WhatsApp a threat to privacy?

Few know that WhatsApp poses a threat to their privacy. That’s because of a slightly hidden feature of the utility that most people choose to ignore. The makers of the app have blessed it with a backup feature which automatically stores your messages to the SD card.

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This feature can be turned on or off during the first time you setup the application after installing it. But mostly, it stays turned on owing to the fact that people choose to ignore it since it’s a relatively unknown trait.

The backup from your chats that’s stored on your SD card can be accessed easily by experts with the know-how on such things. Since it’s all there on your phone locally, a specifically designed app can easily extract all your backed up messages, images and more. And despite the fact that these messages are encrypted, the hacker can use easily available tools to decrypt and read them.

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How to prevent this from happening?

You will need to uninstall WhatsApp completely and install it again; only this time, with the backup option turned off. This will prevent the app from storing your data on the SD card, hence preventing any potential theft of it.

This simple measure should help you get by the minor discrepancy that the much loved WhatsApp application has right now.

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