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Calling from WhatsApp is free, but it can be costly as well

WhatsApp voice calling is new to the world of VoIP as services such as Skype and Hangouts have been around for a long time now. But considering the sheer popularity of the IM app around the globe, a lot of people are going to give the new feature a try mainly because it’s convenient and free, but is it really?

Everything you do on the internet consumes data, including browsing websites and also when your email and other apps synchronize. The same applies to VoIP calling and a lot of people think that the utilization isn’t too much, but that’s not the case when you’re on a cellular network.

Using WhatsApp voice calling over a Wi-Fi network at home, a café or at work means that you will not face huge charges. But over a 2G, 3G or 4G connection, you could burn through your entire internet pack in a matter of days and data plans don’t come cheap.

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WhatsApp Voice Calling

According to findings from AndroidPit, a call made via WhatsApp over an LTE network can consume as much as 1.3MB in a minute. This number will vary depending on different conditions and the average amount is said to be around 960kb per minute. So, on a 500MB data plan you’ll be able to make a non-stop 8.5 hour (approximate) call.

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Divide that into a month and the result is a mere 16 minutes of calling each day – Doesn’t look so cheap now, does it? Using traditional calling methods sure seems more cost-effective, but this isn’t the case if you make a lot of calls to other countries, as ISD rates can be quite high. However, you can implement different systems that will help you make the most of your resources and time. If your business relies on phone calls in order to contact your customers, you could implement automated calling systems. These systems are perfect for people who don’t want to spend the time or money associated with individual communication. If you want to take your efficiency to the next level in terms of time and resources, you could also opt for bulk SMS text messaging. This is a very cheap way to reach thousands of customers at a time, and the best part is that it enables you to send and receive information instantly.

The bottom line is that WhatsApp voice calling isn’t really a cheaper alternative to traditional calling, unless of course, you’re constantly on a Wi-Fi network. Also, the amount of data will vary depending on network. The audio codec used also makes a difference – So other VoIP apps will give you different results.

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