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WhatsApp for Android gets streaming video, GIF support


WhatsApp has officially rolled out a new video streaming feature for its Android consumer base, alongside support for animated GIFs. Both have been knocking about in the beta version of the app for a while now and are finally getting a verified release.

To recall, the new video streaming feature first came to light about two weeks ago. It allows users to watch a video as it comes in. They previously had no choice but to download the video in order to see its contents.

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The addition of video streaming makes way for greater flexibility. People who have auto-download in place can view the footage without having to wait for the entire thing to download. Others with manual mode active can watch the content and then judge whether it’s worth saving.

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A new play button at the center of the video replaces the earlier download option. The latter has been shifted down to the bottom left alongside text which specifies the size of the media. As before, streaming can be done via Wi-Fi or cellular data.

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As for the other new tool, full-fledged GIF support has been a long time coming to Android. iOS users had gotten the feature about a month ago. Individuals can share animations from third-party apps or make their own. The second can be done by recording videos of up to 6 seconds and converting them to GIFs in WhatsApp itself.

You can download the latest version of WhatsApp via the Google Play Store.

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