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WhatsApp for Android gets quick reply and an extremely long awaited feature


WhatsApp on Android has just been blessed with a quick reply feature that allows you to send messages without opening the full app. In addition, it has also been granted a trait that is being demanded by users since a pretty long time – batch selection for chats which allows you to choose multiple chats before deciding their fate.

First though, let us tell you that in order to access this version of WhatsApp for Android you need to be enrolled in its beta program, since it’s only these users that are getting the update right now. As usual, these features will take some time to reach the main Google Play store version.

The new Quick reply feature presents a ‘Reply’ button when a notification is expanded. You can tap on this button to allow an overlay window to pop up containing the conversation and the typing bar. In case you want to enter the app from here, you can just push the ‘View’ button.

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Batch selection or multiple selection is something that will save a lot of time that’s spent while deleting your chats. While earlier, tapping the image of a chat expanded the profile picture and gave us other small options, it will now activate multiple selection.

You can select a number of chats and delete, mute or archive them at the same time. Selecting a group along with a chat will take away the delete option of course, to avoid accidentally removing you from them. Some changes also make their way into the menu that opens when you long tap on chats, including the removal of ‘Email chat’ option.

And in addition, as has been pointed out by Android Police, you have a revamped Wallpaper selection menu. You can now have a solid color as your wallpaper as well, if you’re into that.

Like we said, the new WhatsApp for Android update is live now only for beta testers. If you aren’t one and wish to join the program, you can do so by hitting this link.