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WhatsApp for Android changes the camera interface


Among the flurry of WhatsApp for Android updates that keep popping up almost every day, today’s is one more. It has blessed the app with an overhauled camera interface that brings it more in line with Google’s Material design guidelines.

Before we describe the changes, we’d like to point out that the update has arrived for the beta version of WhatsApp and not the one that’s live on the Google Play store. Once you fire up the camera while inside a chat with someone, you are now greeted with a new white shutter button as well as new flash and switch camera icons.

In addition to this, you will also find a roll of your recent images which you can instantly send if you decide not to click a picture. On the top of the screen will be a direction on how to use the new shutter button. That is, if you tap it once it will click a picture, while if you tap and hold it, it will start recording a video.

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The WhatsApp page that lets you add a caption and finally send the picture or video has also gotten a few visual changes. The Send button is now a flat green one, and the Cancel button has been replaced by a Back icon in the top-left corner.

WhatsApp is being showered with new features lately, and Android beta testers are getting these updates earlier than anyone else. If you wish to be one of them, you can register yourself on this page, and get such updates as soon as they are available.

Usually, such features take around a week’s time to enter the main version of the app on the Google Play store or the Apple App Store.