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WhatsApp for Android beta can now hop from voice to video calls

WhatsApp Video Call Button

WhatsApp has pushed through a new update in its Android beta which allows people to quickly transition between voice and video calls. The feature actually made an appearance earlier as well, but it was hidden from view.

That’s not the case anymore as general testers who are on WhatsApp’s Google Play Beta Program can now access the tool. It seems participants who are running Marshmallow and above and WhatsApp for Android beta version 2.18.1 and above can view the button.

Some have found success by using a task manager to close WhatsApp. If nothing changes, it would be best to be a bit patient for the change to arrive. Once it does, they can try it out by hopping on a standard voice call and checking out the interface.

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They’ll notice a new video call icon at the center of the bottom row of options. Tapping on it will trigger WhatsApp to ask the other person whether they’d like to conduct the conversation face-to-face. If they agree, the call will automatically transition to a video call. If they don’t, then it’ll continue on as a voice call.

This is a pretty minor addition on the face of things, but it’ll be very convenient for people who want an easy way to hop between voice and video. Till now, they’d be forced to end the voice call and start up a new video call, wasting their precious time.

WABetaInfo notes that both phones engaged in the call have to support video chats for WhatsApp’s new button to appear. It also mentions that the tool will only work in 2-member voice calls and not group calls.