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7 WhatsApp Alternatives

Our array of WhatsApp alternatives comes with viable substitutes that bring in similar capabilities and advanced features compared to this software in particular. Now we haven’t picked these messaging applications for any OS in particular. Knowing that everyone has their own taste in mobile phone choices, each option we’re about to jot down comes with multiplatform support. Some are even compatible with almost every major system out there. And did we happen to mention the word ‘free’? You heard that right, most of these offerings will allow you to send IMs or make calls to others around the world, at no cost. But of course, you will need an active internet connection and maybe a good data plan if you’re a heavy ‘chatter.’

1. ChatOn –


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To kick start our list, we’re going to go with the ChatON app from Samsung. Developed by the South Korea-based conglomerate, it currently supports a number of platforms including Android, Bada, the company’s own feature phones, iOS, and Blackberry Torch 9800 devices. Besides allowing you to chat with others, this application comes with a number of advanced features. You can send animated messages, pictures, videos, audio clips and even share your location with friends. And to make your experience even more enjoyable, it lets you create a handwritten message.

2. Viber


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To be among the apps like WhatsApp, an application has to meet a few basic requirements of free IMs, group chat, content sharing and so on. Well, when it comes to Viber, this tool packs in even more than the basic necessities. Not only does it allow you to text message, other users, over 3G or Wi-Fi networks, but it also commence free international calls. Tagged as free, you won’t need to input a PIN, username or make any in-app purchase. It even integrates with the handset’s address book for quick access to your contacts. The Viber application is currently available for iPhone and Android devices. If you’ve sided with RIM and would really prefer having this tool, then you’re in luck, as it’s soon to be available for BlackBerry handset as well.

3. JaxtrSMS –

Jaxtr SMS

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Next up is JaxtrSMS, a convenient and intuitive method of sending messages to friends around the globe. This application can be used over Wi-Fi connections or mobile networks. For those on the receiving end with the app installed, messages will appear in the threaded format, while normal users can find the conversations in their inbox. What’s more, you can send an unlimited number of text messages to Zone A countries including India and the US, for free. For other places, the company is offering low SMS rates. JaxtrSMS is available on all major mobile platforms including Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7, Java, Symbian, and Nokia phones.

4. ChatPlus –


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Nothing beats sending personalized messages to friends. And the ChatPlus application on our software similar to WhatsApp roundup can let you do just that. With a blank canvas and a bunch of colors at your disposal, you can create handwritten messages, images, and even emotions. Other features in tow include location sharing that allows you to share your current position with others in real-time, chat for communicating with the masses, a language translator as well as the ability to broadcast messages and post content to Facebook and Twitter. If you’ve got an iPhone or the iPod touch, you can beef up the security by adding in a passcode which needs to be entered each time you run the ChatPlus application.

5. GroupMe


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We all search for the most viable methods to stay connected with others. And social networks are one of the best ways to go, however, not everyone stays online on these services at all times. And that’s where IM apps like GroupMe excel. It’s even a noteworthy alternative to WhatsApp messenger. Available for iOS, Android, BlackBerry, WP7 and on regular SMS, you can have all your close friends in a single group and maintain a separate one for family and other acquaintances. Since it acquires all contacts straight from your address book, you won’t have the hassle of importing information or feeding it in manually. Besides group messaging, you can even have a one-on-one conversation with any contact that has the GroupMe application installed.

6. eBuddy

eBuddy XMS

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What puts eBubby amongst the 7 apps like WhatsApp is its highly comparable features with the WhatsApp application. Well, this tool is not to be mistaken with its eBuddy messenger counterpart. The XMS offering allows you to stay connected with friends, family, and other users, stored in your contacts list. Not only does it let you send text messages to people for free, but also share content like photos, videos, emoticons and more. eBuddy XMS is available for BlackBerry, iPhone, Android, iPod touch and Windows Phone 7 with Nokia support somewhere down the pipeline.

7. LiveProfile –


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Unlike most offerings on today’s roster, the LiveProfile application is packed with a wide variety of features. Besides going easy on the wallet when it comes to text message charges, the application lets you send messages across to other users for free. It even provides you with delivery reports that indicate when chats are received and read. You’ll also be able to see whether the recipient is typing a response. This IM client allows you to set status updates, upload profile photos, create a display name and input profile details as well as integrate your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

These aforementioned 7 WhatsApp alternatives are some of the viable candidates available for a wide catalog of mobile platforms out there. So go ahead and give them a try; they won’t cost you a dime.

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