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What’s Samsung hiding about the Galaxy S6 smartphone?

It’s the turn of the Samsung Galaxy S6 now to hog the attention of smartphone enthusiasts, and the South Korean giant seemingly cannot wait for March 1 to showcase its creation to the world. Perhaps that is why it’s currently releasing one teaser after another to keep people on their toes.

What the teasers are saying

So far, lots of things have been hinted at by the company, but prime among them is the allusion to the material which the Samsung Galaxy S6 will be holding on its body. Either a metal frame or a complete uni-body metal design could make its way to the smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S6

This has been inferred from a teaser video in which the company has said that ‘Tomorrow, metals will flow. Beauty will be powerful. Borders will disappear. Reflections will be free. Colors will leap. The future will be the present.’ A few other images which Samsung has released have hinted that the phone will come equipped with a curved display.

T-Mobile Teaser

Further credence to this possibility was given today by a teaser released by US-based network operator, T-Mobile. The image you’re seeing in the space above clearly shows that the panel is lit up across the edge of the smartphone. Based on other teasers, it can be inferred that the upcoming Galaxy S6 is also touted to grab a highly advanced camera which will excel in low-light photography.

YouTube video

What the leaks have told us

Leaks about the Samsung Galaxy S6 have been coming out since months now, and the latest ones among them have finally begun to give us a clear idea about its specs sheet. There has indeed been talk that the device will come in two main variants, with one among them grabbing a normal display and the other a curved one.

The company will most likely be abandoning Qualcomm processors this year, in favor of its newly developed 14nm Exynos 7420 silicon which is claimed to offer a 20 percent increase in performance and a 35 percent drop in energy consumption as compared to the usual 20nm chipsets.

Exynos 7 Chipset

3GB worth of RAM will apparently be accompanying the new processor on the Galaxy S6, while there will even be additions like a fingerprint scanner, a heart rate monitor and more. There’s even a possibility of the company going for an iris scanner for offering another security measure.

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Either a 20MP or a 16MP main camera will form part of this Samsung phone’s offerings, while its front snapper is expected to be 5MP in capacity. Android 5.0 Lollipop will of course be its base OS, but the TouchWiz UI will indeed be layered on top.

S6 Taser

We’re waiting with bated breath for March 1 to arrive finally, and clear the air around the Samsung Galaxy S6. Stay tuned until then.