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What You Need To Know To Play Blackjack On Your Mobile In Complete Security

mobile-blackjack Mobile gaming is here to stay. Market research company SuperData claimed in a report that the industry’s sales revenue for 2016 had reached over $40 billion. Mobile gaming is now bigger than the worldwide naval market and the worldwide tea market. SuperData asserted that the trend would only continue to grow, due to mobile gaming being supported by the multi-billion VR industry. A more recent study from Newzoo Arm study predicts that the mobile gaming market could reach $106.4 billion in the year 2021. While tea and maritime safety are losing out to the likes of Pokémon GO and Candy Crush Saga, one concern that exists among the gaming community is just how safe these games are when played on mobile devices. This is equally true with a classic game such as blackjack. So, in which areas do we need to keep our wits about us and how does this affect us when we’re playing our favourite two-card game?

While blackjack is a fun game to play, common sense advice exists to ensure that those playing it on a mobile device don’t experience unexpected issues. As is the case with anything digital, opportunities exist in mobile blackjack for cyber threats such as malware. Many sites offer an up-to-date real money overview about where to play black jack online on your mobile in relative security. After all, some sites are stronger in cybersecurity than others and are better built to protect us against cyber threats. When you play your favourite game, the minimum that you should expect is to be able to play it with peace of mind. Who doesn’t love playing a good game of blackjack on their mobile device? It’s simple so you don’t need to overthink it, and it lets you blow off some steam while you’re improving your skills, competing against others, and possibly even winning bragging rights.

Here are some aspects of security to bear in mind when playing blackjack on your mobile device. Once you understand these fully and have chosen the right site or app, you can feel free to play blackjack to your heart’s content.

VR and AR


Let’s look at a different kind of safety for a moment. While it might sound tempting to heighten your blackjack reality while sat on your couch at home, some games that play with perception are potentially dangerous. Not unlike motion sickness, VR players have been known to feel virtual reality sickness. While this might be less of a concern in blackjack as it is for games featuring roller coasters and the like, you should stop immediately if you’re feeling symptoms such as nausea or a headache, or even if you’re just feeling disorientated. Augmented reality has shown danger signs, too, with reported cases of people even having lost their lives while hunting for Pokémons.

Should we be worried?


The bottom line is that while there are safety concerns surrounding mobile gaming, thanks to the lengths that casinos go to protect your safety, blackjack is one of the safer games you can play. Your information is encrypted by casinos so your information is safe. Many casinos won’t allow you to save your login credentials to your phone as an additional safety measure. Others require a deposit from your desktop or a different mobile optimised site. While cybercriminals continue to uncover new methods of stealing your funds, cybersecurity professionals at gaming companies are focused solely on preventing them from achieving it by adapting to new habits.

While all this should help you sleep at night, you will need to be responsible for your own common sense. Ensure that you have a lock on your phone with a strong password and that you’re playing over a secure Internet connection. And be extra cautious if there are children around. It’s a commonly-known fact that 90 per cent of children aged under 13 enjoy mobile gaming so make sure that your phone is protected against potential risks by logging yourself out of your account. You don’t want them doubling down on a pair of threes’, either.

What about the casinos themselves?


Of course, as well as cybersecurity, you’ll also need to ensure that the casino itself is safe. So, if you want to try your blackjack skills for real money, look for a safe, secure, and fair casino. Firstly, verify that it has a casino license. Then ensure that it adheres to strict regulatory requirements, with regards to problem gaming aid, game fairness, data security, and financial stability. Next, you’ll want to check that it has SSL certificates. This ensures that any banking or personal data you enter remains encrypted and uncrackable, thus safe. Finally, check that the casino has third-party audit certificates. Testing agencies exist to ensure that games remain random and aren’t rigged. This is regarded as being an extra-vigilant measure, however, as these tests have already been given to the majority of license holders.

Blackjack can be accessed more easily on mobile casinos than most other games, as it’s an expected inclusion in any online gaming hub. Another advantage, accessibility-wise, is that mobile versions of the game are compatible with all of the major operating systems, so you can access it on any portable device run on iOS, Android, or Windows. The ambient sounds and high-quality graphics make playing blackjack as realistic an experience as possible. Most mobile blackjack games feature great characteristics, smooth gameplay, and impressive designs that meet the industry’s highest standards. As an aside, when you play blackjack for real money, ensure that you understand basic strategy. And even if you do, be 100% certain that you know the rules. And don’t even think about card counting, it isn’t at all possible at online casinos. The variety of versions available of the game on mobile devices is inexhaustible. So, enjoy playing, play it well, and, most of all, play it safe.