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What You Need To Know About Cannabis Tech

cannabis leaf Cannabis, like all other industries, has fallen under the radar of the tech industry, and thank goodness! Today’s technology is encouraging better information about cannabis, easier application, more affordable pricing, and better agriculture processing. Here’s how the tech industry is infiltrating cannabis in the best way possible.

Online Media Is Spreading Cannabis Popularity Like Wildfire

The online marketplace has simply exploded over the last few years. A major example of that is the many CBD oils that are sold online. CBD is a unique cannabis product in that it can be sold legally online throughout the United States if it contains no or less than 0.3 percent THC. This is the legal limit that is proven not to get the user high if they consume it.

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As a result of lifting bans against CBD online sales and marketing, among other cannabis products, the online presence is bigger than ever and continues to push against the many misconceptions and naysayers that crowd the market. CBD companies and other cannabis retailers are popping up all over the web.

Along with more eCommerce cannabis shops, we’re also seeing more blogs paying homage to cannabis. Blogging is one of the most powerful tools in the hands of cannabis marketer. It not only dispels myths and educates the public on the positives of cannabis products, but it also boosts search engine optimization. Therefore, the number of blog posts talking about cannabis is increasing by hundreds every day.

The legislation is constantly changing, and research continues to reveal positives for the cannabis community. Naturally, trusted news publications are constantly picking up stories about cannabis, keeping it a constant topic in the news cycle. There’s little that can stop the momentum being created here.

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Cannabis Testing Is More Accurate

The cannabis industry is largely unregulated, and third-party lab testing is the best tool we have to ensure bad products don’t reach the hands of consumers. This is an expensive cost for cannabis producers, but technology is helping to streamline processes and make it more accurate.

While all testing was once done by hand with samples, microscopes, and chemicals, much of the testing can be done with computer technology. New technologies are making the extraction processes the same across the board so that we can get accurate results with each test.

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There may never be a time when cannabis products can be tested without a skilled chemist running physical tests on the products, but it’s exciting to see certain strides made in the industry.

Blockchain Technology Will Be Slow But Inevitable

When asked about the technology that will be most groundbreaking for the future of the cannabis industry, most experts name blockchain technology. The need for stronger systems for recording and storing information is huge in cannabis.

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Yet, there’s a lot of chaos and unregulated processing in the cannabis industry. Plus, blockchain is a very new technology that has not been totally refined on its own. Therefore, it will take time for it to become a fully integrated part of the cannabis industry.

Still, the industry is getting ready to introduce blockchain in a big way. There have been dozens of new startups that are aiming to use blockchain technology to simplify and smooth out many of the kinks cannabis companies face on a daily basis.

AI Technology Spreads Cannabis Use

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Artificial intelligence has also helped cannabis grow at impressive levels. It can be used in farming, production, and sales to improve profit margins for all involved.

A great example is the way that AI is being used in the farming of cannabis. AI sensors and computing algorithms can help farmers monitor crops and keep costs low in the farming sector. Given the expense of farming cannabis, this is a huge step for making cannabis more affordable for everyone.

Additionally, hemp farming is one of the most difficult industries. It must be done fully organically with the right temperatures and amounts of water. Sensors, algorithms, and automation can be used to determine the exact amount of water, sunlight, and attention the crops need in order to thrive.

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Affordability Streamlined by Technology

There are many roadblocks that prevent cannabis from going mainstream. Other than laws and misconceptions about it, the most glaring problem is the cost. Individuals who find cannabis helpful can spend as much as $300 per month on implementing cannabis products into their lives, which is a huge burden for many.

Technology today may help cannabis become more affordable and available to anyone who needs it. Starting at the farming level, new ways of monitoring and processing crops will enable farmers to lower their prices, which in turn allows cannabis companies to lower their prices. Better websites, improved shipping mediums, and other back-end costs can also decrease as the products become more popular.

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There’s also bound to be improvements in processing technology. For example, some researchers are working on creating a synthetic version of cannabis, which will work just as effectively, but make it available all around the world.

If these technological wonders are implemented properly, there will be no stopping cannabis in mainstream society.

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