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What You Need to Know When Hiring Nodejs Developers


Are you planning to hire a Node.js developer to work on your business app? Before we look at the qualifications a developer should ideally have, let’s examine what Node.JS is essentially about.

When Ryan Dahl introduced Nodejs in 2009, it was a massive hit with the developer community. Nodejs, both as a framework and as a run-time environment, has become the one of the most exciting technologies for web application development. It has grown in prominence as a back-end and full-stack technology platform for companies of all sizes throughout the years.

As a result, there is no shortage of Nodejs developers worldwide. However, how do you find the ideal one for your company? Here’s a complete checklist of points to consider before hiring Nodejs developers and why you might want to think of hiring Node JS development services for your business.

Why is Node.js so popular?

JavaScript is the foundation of Nodejs. As a result, most developers believe Nodejs to be simple to use. The framework supports multiple community support. Specific code packages and modules are made freely available by the community. A Nodejs developer can create apps faster using these components.

It was the fact that Nodejs is a complete tool that you could use as a full-stack platform that made it so successful and popular in the first place. As a result, Nodejs developers may create the entire application code without going back and forth between the front-end and back-end.

Additionally, the large number of free resources provided by Nodejs has contributed significantly to its growth. Nodejs makes it simple to create sophisticated apps without writing complex code.

Modules in Node.js are reusable, and it offers a code-sharing feature. So you’d typically be looking at shorter development time and higher productivity while using Nodejs to develop applications.

Most importantly, Nodejs is exceptionally efficient because it employs a non-blocking, event-driven I/O model. It also promotes the usage of microservices, allowing companies to benefit from the perks of developing web apps with cross-functional teams.

7 Facts You Should Know Before Hiring Node.js Developers

Broad Knowledge of Node.js Database Options

Node.js is suitable for a variety of databases on the market today. Understanding the project’s purpose and determining which database would be the greatest match is critical for developing businesses.

When recruiting a Node.js developer, the employer must ensure that the candidate has a sufficient understanding of the database and how to implement it correctly.

Skilled in Application Monitoring Tools

Node.js developers having experience with various APM tools can help make an educated selection based on the project size and objectives. Furthermore, choosing the proper tools requires prior expertise and understanding of their capabilities. Why? Because there are many solutions accessible in the market given the widespread adoption of the microservices architecture.

Solid Node.js Portfolio

programmer You obviously want a developer with as much experience as is feasible for your project and budget. How can you know whether the developer satisfies your requirements? Examine the candidate’s portfolio to acquire a response to this question. Go through the provider company’s finished and delivered projects. A diverse portfolio of projects should demonstrate the Node.js development provider’s knowledge and ability.

Skilled in Different Package Managers

Node.js relies on open-source, well-tested packages to reduce the need for rewriting code and speeding up development. Developers utilize package managers to handle these packages. Examine whether the applicant you’re considering hiring is well-versed in npm, the Node.js default package manager. Asking a developer about the numerous alternatives to npm packages they use to obtain better outcomes is one approach to see how well-versed they are.

Deep Knowledge of Node.js and HTTP

Node.js is built to deal with applications beyond the standard HTTP protocol. This technology can operate quickly and efficiently with peer-to-peer or XMPP server/client protocols. You should seek out Nodejs development service providers who have worked on similar applications before. Expertise in this area implies a thorough knowledge and grasp of the technology.

Well-Versed With Front-End Technologies

A Nodejs developer familiar with front-end technologies will work effectively with back-end technologies. Developers spend time trying to make the back-end and front-end work together. A skilled Nodejs developer should be able to understand key front-end technologies such as HTML, CSS, VBScript, JavaScript, and major front-end frameworks such as React, Angular, and Vue.

Can Do Asynchronous Programming Properly

Asynchronous programming is a type of parallel programming in which a work unit runs independently of the main application thread. It alerts the primary thread when the job is finished.

So while interviewing Nodejs developers, ask them questions regarding asynchronous programming. Give them a modest, practical task to see how effectively they can handle callbacks while running asynchronous code on a web page, if that’s possible.

Hiring Nodejs Developers: In Summary

You can determine individual developer rates by their years of experience, your recruiting model, and the candidate’s location. Generally speaking, Node.js developers earn anything from $68,000 to $115,000 annually. So when it comes to hiring Node js developers, think about your budget.

You have countless options for working with a developer based on the scope of the project, your budget, and your personal preference. Freelance developers work well for some companies, while in-house developers are a better fit for others.

We’ve tried to cover all the bases you need to be familiar with when hiring Nodejs developers. So we hope you found this article helpful.