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What Motivates Android-to-iPhone Switchers?

Mainly due to Samsung, Android, despite the uphill task, has managed to match pace with Apple in the market for smartphones. However, signs are indicating that Android is gradually losing steam. A March 2021 survey shows that participants’ loyalty towards Apple was as high as ever, and worse still, Samsung’s market share has declined quite a bit.

The survey by SellCell took inputs from 5,000 American users of Apple and Android smartphones. The survey included the users of popular brands like Samsung, LG, Motorola, Google, and iPhone.

One of the emphasized research aims was to look into why users may decide to switch their smartphones or why they may decide to continue using their current brand. In this article, we’ll give you a rundown of the major reasons prodding users to switch to iPhones are.

The user experience

iphone user interface While a meager 3.6 percent of Samsung users believed that a competing brand offered better features, user experience does have a big role to play in Android users, on the whole, deciding to switch to iPhones.

Not only do iPhones look stunningly beautiful, but they also function well, and thanks to the excellent customer support, you do feel special. Apart from this, there are smaller differences that are nevertheless noticeable. For example, emojis look way better when you use them on iPhones than they do on Android devices. iPhones are also more user-friendly. There are a host of unique features, but even if you have no previous tech experience, you’ll still find using the basic iPhone features very easy.

Get first access to the best apps

iphone apps Being the number one smartphone manufacturer, Apple has the luxury of app developers launching their apps on the App Store first before they are launched for Android devices. The most recent examples are Snapchat and Super Mario Run.

There’s this feeling of exclusivity that comes with owning an iPhone; you do feel pampered. With consumers these days wanting to be pampered, this reason is enough for many to switch to iPhones. Some apps may not be launched on Android at all. It’s because many Android phones have features unique to them which need to be taken into account.

The overall quality of the product

iphones An iPhone may appear prohibitively expensive. However, you’ll need to dig deeper to understand the true worth of an iPhone. The iPhone offers excellent returns on investment. You’ll often experience Android devices getting slower and slower as they get older. Still, Apple devices show no such dip in performance all through their lifespan, which incidentally is pretty long.

What’s more, even if you buy an older iPhone version, you’ll keep receiving the latest iOS updates for some time to come. Again, all iPhones are made of high-quality materials, which ensure their sturdiness, giving you a high resale value.

Security and Privacy

iphone privacy Many Android users are looking to switch to iPhones in the belief that the latter offers better security. 31.5 percent of the Samsung users surveyed said that they felt other brands offered better security. On the other hand, only 3.1 percent of Apple users said they were planning to switch to some other brand concerned about security issues.

Reports revealing that 97 percent of malware targeting smartphones zero in on Android devices do not help. One primary reason for this is the Google Play Store. Just about any app can be uploaded by developers, which makes monitoring apps that may contain malware and viruses impossible.

Privacy is also one of the advantages Apple always tries to boost. However, both iPhone and Android devices have their pitfalls. After all, there is no such thing as a foolproof operating system. All of them have privacy issues; you simply cannot escape them by choosing one product instead of the other.

Thus, it all came down to your habits and installed software. For instance, you should not use unknown apps. Instead, switch to instant messaging apps and search engines that offer more privacy settings. Furthermore, a phone VPN can benefit all netizens, be it iPhone or Android users. It encrypts entire internet traffic and hides your IP address. In this age of digital surveillance, a VPN and other privacy-focused tools become the first line of defense.


Apple’s revolutionary smartphone offerings with features to-die-for continue to enjoy amazing customer loyalty. Android has always had to play catch up with Apple, and the SellCell survey shows that their reasons to worry are only rising. Largely due to the price factor, Android won’t be dumped altogether, but more and more customers will keep switching to Apple. Despite the high price, Apple’s product quality more than makes up for it. Android has a job in its hands, and it needs to brace itself for some real stiff competition up ahead.