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What Is Rapid Application Development And Why Your Business Needs It

app-development If you were building a skyscraper would you completely change the design halfway through the project? No, because you couldn’t! Luckily, not all design aspects are like this, especially when it comes to software design. However, what’s even more important is with a rapid application development this is something that you can avoid altogether. There is no denying that fluctuating market conditions force the landscape of software development to change frequently and this is exactly why tools like this were designed. RAD was born with the intention of preventing such situations.

What Is Rapid Application Development Model

At the very heart, rapid application development is a type of software that was specifically designed to prevent customers from having to change the design of their skyscraper halfway through, so to speak. It wasn’t necessarily designed for a skyscraper, but it was more designed for the software developer. It was developed in the early 80s and has been heavily utilized ever since. This software gives more importance to rapid prototyping and speed feedback over a lengthy development and testing cycle. The software allows you to make multiple changes and updates to a software program quickly. This prevents you from having to scrap your entire project and start over from the beginning. In a nutshell, RAD allows users to make these changes by what is known as low-code. Low-code allows businesses to roll-out new applications faster.

Constant Feedback

So, in a nutshell, you know that a WaveMaker RAD tool allows you to make changes to your software without starting over from the beginning. It does utilize low-code to help you make these changes, but this isn’t the only concept that it uses. When utilizing a program like this during the designing of your software, you’ll have constant feedback. And, there is nothing more valuable for a developer than obtaining relevant feedback.

Simple Adaptability

Not only are you going to have constant and pertinent feedback during the design stages, but RAD is completely adaptable. What exactly does this mean? This means that the software is malleable. Its code can be changed to dramatically alter the entire software system or generate new components. This means that it doesn’t really matter how drastic the changes are, you’ll be able to make them without starting over from scratch. Taking advantage of this flexibility during the very early stages will be key to your overall success. If you do this, you’ll eventually be left with an immaculate software that’ll handle exactly what it was designed to handle.

Quick Generation

As a developer, you need to constantly adapt. This is why a large percentage of active software developers are rapidly upgrading their skill sets and moving into multiple disciplines. Some users are not only learning how to develop software, but they are learning how to full-stack and combine that with their development skills. RAD can help with this as well. It’ll allow you to produce prototypes and work on code to demonstrate examples that may otherwise take weeks or months. You’ll get to see almost real-time results from your completed work.