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What Is An API Integrated Fax Service And Why Do You Need It?

API Application Programming Interface businessman pointing a vi In the past, most offices and many homes invested in fax machines. The machine was used to send and receive documents electronically, as the service worked whether the parties involved in the document exchange were across the street or across the globe. However, times have changed, and fax technology has changed as well.

Currently, businesses tend to conduct more of their interactions using email rather than traditional fax machines. Nevertheless, certain industries continue to use fax technology regularly. This includes the financial sector, healthcare, and more. These organizations must have access to secure fax technology, but they no longer need a desktop machine for electronic communications.

With anĀ API integrated fax service, businesses can send and receive faxes without a dedicated device. They do so using their computer or mobile device regardless of where, they are. This technology continues to improve, and businesses find operations are simplified with this use of this option. What does every business owner need to know about this type of service?

What is an API?

An API or application programming interface is a software intermediary. This program allows different applications to communicate. Facebook serves as a good example of an API, as people use this social networking site to communicate. With the help of the API integrated fax service, two parties can interact using nothing more than their preferred device. They may do so through fax or various other technologies offered today.

What are the Benefits of Using an API Service?

Business owners appreciate having access to an API service. They know the data they plan to share with another party will never be completely exposed to the server. The devices share only necessary information using small data packets. The standardization of the modern API increases the security and governance of the communications.

Using an API Integrated Fax Service

Men and women want to know how they go about using the fax service without a dedicated machine. The program can be included in programs a business already uses to make it easy for employees and clients to exchange information. In fact, a company can have the service up and running in a matter of hours.

The program integrates with a company’s current systems, applications, and workflows to ensure a seamless transition to using this technology. Furthermore, it comes equipped with security and encryption measures designed to protect the client’s sensitive data. The exchanges remain safe and in compliance with many regulatory frameworks. This includes SOX, GLBA, and HIPAA.


Business owners need to know the information exchange will occur in a timely manner. When choosing a service provider, the company must look for one that carrier network optimized for faxes. Furthermore, this provider would make use of smart routing algorithms. Fax services that do so offer clients minimal downtime and compilation rates that lead the industry.

Potential clients need to ensure the program is scalable to accommodate the company’s changing needs. Furthermore, they should ask about customer support in the event a problem arises. No company wants to pay more than they must to communicate with clients. However, they do need access to help at times, and the right company will find the ideal balance between low costs and outstanding service.

If your company has yet to try an API integrated fax service, now is the time to do so. Many business owners have found making the switch to this technology has positive effects across their organizations. You may find the same to be true in your case, so check out this option today.