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What Does The Tech Industry Think of Netflix’s “The Social Dilemma”?

the social dilemma

The film, which has been on the list of top 10 best movies of Netflix since it was first premiered on 9th September, talks about how social media is manipulating its users.

It may not be available in all Netflix libraries because of the content licensing and distribution regulations. However, according to Streaming Rant you can access any Netflix movie from anywhere. They have published numerous guides on this topic and you can check them out.

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The Netflix show revolves around three siblings; out of them, two are addicted to social media and use these apps so much that they cannot even focus on their food at the dinner table.

If you are not paying for the product, you are the product. It may seem that you are not using social media apps very much and are not spending anything on it, but still, these app owners are earning through you.

This show is followed by the people who have worked in the organizations of different social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., thus revealing shocking facts about them.

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Tim Kendell, who has the biggest name in the tech industry and has been the director of monetization at Facebook for five years, tells how groups used him to spread misinformation and create a biased environment for democratic elections.

Many people have been found regretting later in life. Former Twitter exec. once said that “when I was there, I always felt like, fundamentally, it was a force for good” however, after some time, he said,” I do not know if I feel that way anymore.” (Source: The Lariat Online)

Similarly, a comedy writer Rachel Wenitsky, recreated an animated viral sketch and was very happy with his job and said, “ I thought we were doing a good thing,” but then gave another statement which was” After we altered the course of US politics and I made enough money to retire at 27, I realized I was wrong.”.

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However, many tech experts and members of these organizations claim that their intentions were good, these things were made for enjoyment, but somehow they turned into bad platforms for people.

For example, when the person who made the button of like was interviewed, he said he aimed to spread positivity and joy. But it has nothing to do with happiness because most teenagers are depressed, anxious, and are stressed now for not getting plenty of likes their fellows are getting.

Experts claim if you want to control the population of an area, the most effective tool is Facebook as they discover they can develop real emotions in humans, especially in youth, without making any physical interactions through it.

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You may be amazed by the revelation of social media experts that fake news spread six-time faster than true news, and there is the bombardment of fake news on these platforms.

Hariss has uncovered that all activities of a person are monitored by a team of software engineers whose task is to use that persons’ psychology against him.

Because after monitoring its activities, they show the same stuff on its screen and keep him engaged for hours then keep showing their ads and earn a lot of money without caring about the user.

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For example, if a person always watches tips for height, the software will show different ads about height-increasing products and more blog posts about it.

Worst of all, the number of children is increasing day by day on these platforms, and premature brains face things that they cannot handle, thus becoming victims of detrimental issues of both mental and physical health.

However, some tech experts accept the detrimental effect of their apps and their features and claim to change them. Rosenstein said, “We built these things, and we have a responsibility to change them.”

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It is not a big deal to bring positive changes in these apps as people who have coded them can change their codes and introduce new healthy things. But they do not do so because by doing so, they may not earn as much.

Another thing that you will understand after watching this documentary is why it is important to use a VPN for online streaming. Online streaming is also a risky thing as hackers can take advantage of your unprotected network. Not only that, but ISPs can also track your activities, which is something close to privacy infringement.

So, in a time when online streaming has overshadowed linear TV, users need to be aware of all the possible threats related to social media and online streaming.

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“The Social Dilemma” has done its job very well and exposed how social media manipulates the users and urged many people to leave all these platforms immediately. Netflix has been coming out with such amazing content pieces back to back. People have made firm promises to never watch the next recommended video after completing one.