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What Are Time Sheet Apps And How To Use Them

clock Time sheets have existed for a long while. They are popular as they can help any business quickly track employee attendance. All you require is a few columns on a sheet of paper. They usually include the name of the employee, the ‘time of arrival’, the ‘time of departure’ and maybe an extra column for their signature.

But this simplicity is what makes time sheets highly ineffective. They worked great in the past as there weren’t better alternatives. But now there are more time sheets in the form of time sheet apps.

What are time sheet apps?

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Time sheet apps are applications you add to the computer/laptops at your workplace or directly to the smartphones of your employees. And your employees can then clock in and clock out using these apps. These apps come equipped with features like location stamps and face/fingerprint recognition. This prevents employees from defrauding you using methods like buddy punching.

What are the benefits of using time sheet apps over the pen and paper method

Accurate attendance tracking:

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As aforementioned, when you use a time sheet app, the only way employees can clock in and clock out is by being identified by facial or fingerprint recognition software. And they need to do this from the workplace as the app will stamp in the location as well.

This means that it is impossible for employees to get their friends to clock in and clock out for them. Therefore, this will prevent attendance fraud and provide you accurate information about employee attendance and the amount of time they are spending at work. Whereas with the pen and paper method you can never be certain about the accuracy.

Everything is stored online:

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One of the biggest problems with the pen and paper method is that information could be lost or damaged. All it takes is for someone to spill some water and years of timesheets will go to the waste.

But with an app, everything gets stored online instantly. You can obtain this information just by logging in from anywhere.

Automated and accurate billing:

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Time sheet apps can save you time as they will automatically calculate the amount of time your employees are spending at work. Many come with payroll software or integrate with third-party software. Therefore, they will also automatically calculate how much you owe employees.

Reduced labor:

As you won’t need someone to monitor the time sheets when employees are signing in and you won’t need someone to calculate employee wages, you can cut down on your staff size. This can save your company a lot of money.

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How to get started with using time sheet apps

Switching to time sheet apps from the traditional timesheets is very straightforward. Here is a step by step process to help you out…

Look for the right software:

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There are hundreds of companies that sell time sheet apps. Many have their own unique and helpful features. But all of them will not suit your business. So, take a look at your business and your employees and figure out which features will suit you best. Make a note of all the features you require.

Then find out what the best time sheet apps are and cross-check the notes you made against the different apps and their features. And then choose the one that meets all your requirements.

Install the app at your workplace:

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Next, install this app on a device at your workplace. If the app can be installed on employees’ devices too, you should do that.

Train employees to use the app:

After that, all that is left to do is show employees how to use the app. If you pick the right one, your employees should be able to learn how to use it in seconds.

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Keep using the app for a month to see how it goes. If you and your employees are happy with it, you can continue using it. If you don’t you can always switch to something new. Many of these apps come with trials and/or money-back guarantees that last for 14 days to a month. So, this shouldn’t cost you anything extra.


As you can see in the above post, there are several benefits of switching over to a time sheet app, instead of sticking to the traditional pen and method. So, if you haven’t yet made the move, you should do so now. It should only take you a few hours to get the app and set it up.

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