Western Digital My Book Mirror Edition launched in India

Western Digital My Book Mirror Edition

The Western Digital’s new My Book Mirror Edition, a dual-drive storage system has come to India. This edition of Western Digital My Book harddrive was originally launched in the second half of June 2008.

The high-light of this edition is that the storage systems store all the data automatically! So, one can remain assured that her/his data will remain safe always, without going through the trouble of saving anything manually.

The storage system not only saves the content once, but twice for maximum data safety. It can be used to save the data you have treasure since long and cannot compromise on its safety. Data like images, music, videos and other digital content can be stored in this hard drive.

As the name suggests, the My Book Mirror Edition works with the help of a RAID technology by making an automatic mirror version of the valuable personal data for total safety. Also known as mirroring technology, this is the most economical solution to ‘data redundancy’ in corporate data centers claims Western Digital. It is also claims to be an ideal back-up storing solution for photographers, home users and small offices and anyone looking for extra assurance that their data is safe.

Mr. Sharad Srivastava, Director Sales (India & South Asia), Western Digital, said, “Personal and business content are extremely valuable – both emotionally and financially. Our new My Book Mirror system helps users sleep easy, knowing that their data is safe.”

The My Book Mirror Edition hard drive runs on Windows computers and comes with the following features:

  • USB 2.0 interface for flexibility and convenience
  • Configured out-of-the box in RAID 1 (Mirrored) mode [RAID 0 (Striped) configurable]
  • Available in capacities of up to 1 TB and 2 TB, the My Book Mirror Edition storage systems ship in Mirrored mode and use half the capacity for file redundancy
  • Cool, eco-friendly operation with GreenPower drives that consume approximately one-third less power than standard dual-drive external storage systems and efficient convection cooling architecture and power-saving mode
  • Designed without a fan for whisper-quiet operation in a home or office environment
  • Automatic and continuous backup software that allows users to simultaneously save a change and have it backed up on the second drive for the ultimate in data protection
  • User serviceability, enabling owner to open the enclosure and replace the drives inside
  • Capacity gauge to see at a glance how much space is available on the system
  • Intelligent drive management features, including automatic power-up, Safe Shutdown and LED status and activity lights
  • 3-year limited warranty
  • The My Book Mirror Edition hard drive is available at select Western Digital distributors in India and is priced at Rs. 16,500 (price may vary depending on the capacity and features).

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