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WeP’s 690 VA UPS for Gaming Systems launched in India

690 VA UPS WeP Peripherals has launched the new 690 VA (Volt Ampere) special 415 Watt UPS that is compatible with modern gaming technology. The latest UPS is based on LI UPS topology and boasts a minimum back up support of 15 minutes.

The 690 VA UPS is capable of supporting 17-inches monitors, which are generally used for gaming purposes. Moreover, it can also be started directly without AC utility.

The latest UPS also features Green Mode that turns off output power within 45 seconds if minimum load is not connected to UPS. Thanks to its wide Input frequency range, the UPS is compatible with most of the generators available.

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Ramdinsanga Saiwi, Marketing Manager, WeP Peripherals said, “We at WeP Peripherals have constantly been making efforts to introduce innovative technology tools and to provide better-quality services for the Indian consumers. This UPS has been designed keeping in mind the growing demand for such products targeting customers across various industrial segments. This is especially useful in our country because it supports during unpredictable power cuts.”

The new UPS Technology is environment friendly and is capable enough to withstand itself in climatic conditions with maximum temperatures up to 40 degrees with humidity levels upto 90% and supports upto 50-55 decibels.

The 690 VA UPS is available in the Indian market at the price of Rs. 3200.

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