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Weekly Twitter email digests will fly into inboxes

Weekly Twitter Email Digest

Just in case tweet-happy folks are afraid they’ll miss out on all the important action in the ‘twittersphere,’ there’s the weekly Twitter email digest to look forward to. The reason the service may not ring a bell as yet is because it was announced only recently.

In the weekly digest, recipients will be able to see the ‘most engaging’ tweets perused by the people they follow. Members can also expect to spy out the users within their network who retweeted or gave the thumbs up to those tweets. They can then hit on ‘View details’ to retweet, ‘favorite,’ reply or view the relevant conversation centered on these stories.

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Twitter Email Digest

“Starting today, you can discover the best of Twitter in a weekly email digest delivered to your inbox. This summary features the most relevant tweets and stories shared by the people you’re connected to on Twitter,” says the post on the official Twitter blog.

The tweets are laid out in a manner similar to those coming under the redesigned Discover tab. Each story will be highlighted with the person who shared it as well as a small summary of it. Users have the option to click on any of these tweets to read the entire article, see connected stories from people they follow and even tweet conveniently from right within the email message.

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Twitter Weekly Digest

It goes without saying that those who would prefer to not receive the weekly Twitter email digest can simply turn off the option through their Notification Settings. The service has already started rolling out to members across the globe.

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