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Weekly News Roundup: 7th-12th July 2008

Week that was

After a week filled with exciting and most happening news from the world of technology, we are back again to that time of the week when we give you a complete overview of the news that shook the grounds of technology. This week we have a variety of news in store for you.

The week started off with Technology showing off its prowess by bringing the smallest of gadgets which give the same performance. We are referring to Pico’s latest creation which claims to be the smallest USB flash drive in the world. As tiny as a fingertip, the tiny device offers 8 gigs of storage. At a size of 31.3mm x 12.4mm x 3.4mm and a price of $49.99, the small device is sure worth a buy.

Then we have one more hardware which offers a huge amount of data. Pioneer introduces its 400 GB Blu-Ray Disc, with each layer of the Blu-ray Disc offering 25 GB of data. A 400 GB of data sure seems to be a huge amount of storage capacity which will pack in a compatible player as well.

Moving away from hardware, we have fresh updates from the streets of France. While cyclists gather up for the Tour De France 2008, which is a world’s largest cycle race, Google steps in to grab a place of spotlight. Google has added the Google Street View feature to its Google Earth and Google Map applications. Now get the highlight and get the view of the popular summer event with just a click of your mouse.

After that, we have one more update from Google’s Gmail facility with its tightened security options which is sure to keep your personal and confidential information intact. Gmail’s new feature provides access to the email user to log out of their email account using a remote location. In this new age of computers and technology, we tend to access email from various PC’s and if you are on the fast lane, you are sure to forget to log out from you mail account. This can be dangerous as the person who gets their hands on your personal email can cause a lot of damage, so to avoid that Gmail will now allow you to log-out from a different PC and it also gives the details of the log-in sessions and IP adderess of the computers you have logged in from.

Gmail seems to be on a security spree with one more news related to security and privacy. Gmail now announces that they will fight phishing with the help of eBay and PayPal. While spam mails are on the rise in Switzerland, phishing messages seem to be a menace in the email sector. Phishing messages are known as spam emails which deceive recipients and take over access of personal information, to avoid from such an occurrence Gmail joins forces with eBay and Paypal and puts a stop to the sly mails that can harm your PC and also clog the inbox.

So that’s a huge dose of news from Google, lets welcome Apple in the news columns who step ahead with their much awaited 3G iPhone packed with the App Store which offers a huge load of 500 native applications which have been fed and developed by various companies. The store offers a huge variety of applications pertaining to any topic under the sun, may it be business, sports, health or games, etc.

If that was a huge capacity for you, then have a look at the Seagate 1.5 TB Drive and 500 GB Hard Drives for Desktops and Notebooks respectively. Bid Goodbye to the GB capacities from now on as its time to welcome capacities of TB. The crave for storage capacity seems to be on a rise that hardware makers are bringing in new storage devices which store the maximum in less space. Seagate’s Barracuda 7200.11 drive is all set to ship in August 2008 which features a mammoth storage capacity which will make you wonder what more to store.

Now with such a huge storage, it’s sure going to be difficult for one to detect for hidden porn content. But SurfRecon Inc. introduces an application installed in a thumb drive which will place spotlight and suck out all the hidden pornographic content from any PC. The tool is intelligent enough to scan any operating system ranging from Macintosh to Windows to Linux.

And last but not the least, introducing an eco-friendly gadget that offers to save on batteries and fuel itself up using solar power. Buffalo’s Wireless Keyboard BSKBW01SB is powered with energy that doesn’t deliver a bill on to your doorstep, which is solar energy. The keyboard’s 17 hot keys provide ease of use that work within a range of 10 meters and will feature in Japanese markets by mid-July.

So here’s ending the week with a huge load of latest news related to technology. We leave with a promise to return on Monday with another news-filled week from the world of technology.