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Weekly News Roundup: 28th July to 2nd August 2008


One more month of the year has passed by and as we bid farewell to July 2008, we have some hot and happening news from the world of technology. We are back again to the weekend where we present the latest news that created waves in the news columns.

As the months pass by, our worries keep mounting due to constant hike in prices. But technology sure knows how to ease you out of your worries. If you are planning to buy a laptop and are apprehensive to buy it due to the extensive price, then say hello to the Impulse NPX-9000 laptop. The laptop claims to be the cheapest in the world. Apart from a few compromises towards hardware, the Impulse NPX-9000 laptop seems to be a great buy in terms of affordability. The sleek piece of innovation features a 7 inch screen, runs on a Linux OS, 1G byte of flash storage and 128M bytes of RAM. So in short the laptop has got all features a laptop should have, however one needs to buy them in a bulk of 100 units. The laptop prices itself at US $130, but with the bulk purchase, it sure rounds off to a huge bill.

If that tickled the funny bone, then check out the Samsung Costume, which is nothing but an External Hard Drive that is being developed for females. Targeted at women folk, the gadget tries to introduce technology to the ladies who do not have much inclination towards techy products. Since women have a liking for fashion and fashion-conscious products, the Samsung Costume sure knows how to woo its women buyers. The 2.5inch hard drive gets painted in piano black color that shows off it glossy body. The device is still in development stages and the arrival date is yet uncertain.

Apple has been known to develop products that not only excel in terms of style but also feature the best technology. The next on the list of products from Apple may be Thinner MacBooks that will shine with its glass trackpads. Apple is known to stay afloat the rumor cloud and now its glass trackpads is sure to make it shine furthermore.

After all that shine, let’s welcome the Star Trek Online which is being developed by Cryptic studios. The developer was proud to get the license after a long legal battle. The popular TV series will soon present itself as an online game which is surely going to be a huge dose of entertainment and fun.

Get ready to shoot! No we didn’t mean it that way; we are referring to the Sanyo Xacti DMX-HD800 camcorder which provides an improved image and video quality. Sanyo claims that the latest Xacti DMX-HD800 versions are one of the powerful ones that shoot with a 8 Megapixel resolution. The device record videos at 720p HD resolution at 30pfs at 9 or 6Mbps bit-rate and shows off its bright colors like Gold, Pink and Black.

Flashy colors and big sizes are something that makes a product stand out uniquely from the rest. BenQ introduces Full HD 16:9 LCD E and M Series Monitors for India. The latest creation from BenQ promises to offer sharper and better image quality. The new range monitors concentrate on families and professionals and not only gamers and movie-buffs. The BenQ monitors also feature a 2.0 Megapixel camera, integrated speakers and a microphone that will be of great use while using the internet chat systems.

Here’s taking technology one step ahead, the Plica Concept Phone is a device that can be called the future of mobile phones. Designed by designer James Piatt, the phone can be folded and used like a laptop. When the phone opens up, one part of the phone can be used a keyboard and the other one serves as a monitor.

Mobile phones sure seem to go miles ahead in terms of technology. Now we have Digg featuring as an enhanced mobile version. Digg enthusiasts are sure to enjoy this latest addition to their mobile web browsers. There is also a claim that Digg will run faster due to the less javascript that gets used in the application. It so happens that this new version is designed specially for smartphones such as BlackBerry, Treo, HTC, etc.

If Mobiles have gone a few steps ahead in terms of technology, Nokia dips down its multimedia and music phone prices by 10 percent. After the 3G iPhone hype, other brands have seen a huge decline, so combating the competition with such steps seem to be the only option. Recently Nokia has placed a lot of spotlight on its music phones and they hope to regain their popularity and fame with such steps.

Lastly we have Google Street View which has finally got a go ahead from the UK Information commissioner. The street view tool, which is a part of Google maps had already raised issues in the country with Privacy International, UK rights group, raising questions on the system. However, the verdict says that Street View is not aimed at breaching the Data Protection Act. Well, it will be only after the service is launched, can we see whether it really plays a peek-a-boo in people’s lives. US users have already being using the Google tool since 2007.

This week has again seen a variety of advancements and progress in the world of technology and this is all we could pack in for this week. And this is definitely not the end; technology re-invents itself each day and each minute. Stay tuned for more interesting and hot news from the town of technology and we will return next week filled with latest news, features and shout outs from the technology zone.