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6 Sites like Wordle

Amongst the numerous websites like Wordle, we’ve selected the most simple and convenient ones that allow you to create personalized word clouds. While the tool in question is one of the finest available for students, there are many other options out there that are worth taking a look at. Some of them offer features that aren’t available on this Web 2.0 tool. To make things easy for you, we’ve compiled them into a list with descriptions that briefly highlight their main features and capabilities. You can be sure to find a host of personalization options for you to customize your word clouds to great extents. So let’s take a look –

1. Tagul:


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We’re starting this roster with Tagul which permits creating word clouds in various designs. This web service is absolutely free provided you use it for non-profit and personal reasons. However, you will have to sign up for an account to access its features. For commercial use, you can purchase a license from the company. To create a custom cloud, you first start off by selecting a shape from the pre-defined ones or by using your own image file. Shapes can even be colored and you’ll be able to tag them with links to a website. Apart from this, you’ll be able to filter the words used and even disable repetitions from showing up. Your word clouds can be exported in PNG format for printing or saved in SVG for use in tools like Adobe Illustrator.

2. ABCya:


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Next up on the sites similar to Wordle array is ABCya which offers various educational tools for kids at no cost. Its online word clouds feature allows you to create a graphical representation of lines and phrases. There are many customization options available here and creating clouds is pretty easy. You start off by typing or pasting the desired text in the specified box and hit the next button to form a design. The number of words displayed can be adjusted through a slider, while the font can also be modified into 13 different styles. The tool tags along with various pre-defined color themes and you’ll be able to choose between numerous layout options. Your words can be edited and saved with a simple click and there’s a direct print option available too.

3. WordItOut:


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If you’re looking for a web tool that’s not only free, but also doesn’t require you to sign up for an account, then WordItOut is just the right option. Apart from creating clouds from sentences and small paragraphs, you’ll be able to visualize entire documents, pull content from a webpage by entering the URL and even import words from a table. You get a plethora of customizable settings here. The size of the cloud can be adjusted by simply resizing the canvas and you’ll have full control of which words can be displayed and omitted. Different colors can be added to the text and background or you can select the random option for computer-generated variations.

4. TagCrowd:


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TagCrowd is one of the simplest tools amongst our list Wordle alternatives. This web application was created back in 2006 with a goal to deliver word clouds that can be easily read and analyzed across various uses. There are three ways to create word clouds here. You can type or paste the desired text, upload the content via a text file or enter the URL to visualize the webpage. There aren’t many options available to customize the cloud, but you’ll be able to tweak the frequency of words being repeated, convert all characters to lower or upper case, group similar words together and even omit unwanted ones from showing up. Word clouds can be printed, downloaded as a PDF or embedded into webpages through HTML code.

5. Tagxedo:


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Tagxedo provides a more interactive way to create word clouds. Its online creator tool allows you to visualize words in various types of shapes that include continents, animals, people, trees and more. You can even create clouds in the form of different words. There are numerous color themes available and a wide catalog of fonts for you to choose from. One of the most interesting features here is the history option which saves all changes and makes it easy for you to revert back to a previous state. The main downside is that you will need to have Microsoft Silverlight installed for the Tagxedo tool to work. Word clouds can be exported as an image in different resolutions, printed and even embedded via HTML code through the app itself.

6. ImageChef:


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ImageChef is basically a family of imaging products and its Word Mosaic tool has earned it a spot on the list of sites similar to Wordle. This utility is pretty simple and straightforward. You enter the desired text in the box and select a shape from various categories. Additionally, clouds can also be crated around initials of not more than two letters. Apart from the text and background color, there are around sixteen wacky-looking fonts available. ImageChef offers multiple sharing options including email, Twitter and Facebook. Your word clouds can also be saved or embedded into a webpage.


We hope these sites like Wordle are exactly what you have been looking for. If you have come across any other service that’s worthy of this list, be sure to recommend them to our readers by dropping a few words in the comments box below. Also, which is your favorite tool for creating word clouds?

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