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Web18 intros India’s First TV style Programming on the Web through Biztech2TV

Web18 and Biztech2TV logos Online and m-commerce company Web 18 has joined hands with Biztech2TV to roll out a path-breaking technology in the digital world, in India. With the latest move, Web 18 has given birth to a TV style programming on the internet, in the presence of the country’s cream in the terrain of enterprise technology.

Biztech2.0, a business technology information provider for decision makers in Indian businesses, has this time around announced yet another step that delivers advanced approaches and data of significant influencers in Indian businesses.

The event had a plethora of experts from the field, including – V K Ramani, Executive Director, Axis Bank; S.Anantha Sayana, Head Corporate IT, L&T; Sumit Chowdhury, CIO, Reliance Communications; Ravi Apte, CTO, NSE and Sudin Apte, Country Head, Forrester Research.

Surya Mantha, CEO, Web18 said, “With fast-paced growth comes a burning need for technology. Being even a second late on adoption of technological innovation is often the difference between a business success and an also-ran.Biztech2.com is the platform through which we strive to oil the wheels of business technology.”

Adding, “Today, through Biztech2.com, we take the giant leap of offering TV-style programming on the Web. Adding to the rich & insightful stories of ERP, storage, networks, open source, we now introduce Biztech2TV – with shows every week, gurus speaking on innovations, interviews, case studies, book reviews – all packaged together in a unique format.”

Biztech2TV claims to bring in an all-new transformation in the way India’s technology business decision makers incorporate technology in their businesses. Most enterprise technology experts attending the event all had their faith that Biztech2TV will be a great help and a guide for them in their future initiatives.