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You could browse the web on an Apple Watch, sort of

For those figuring out innovative uses of their swanky new Apple Watches, the incorporation of a web browser is something to look forward to. A hacker has figured out a way to surf the internet using the smartwatch, but he has stopped short of revealing any strong details of it.

Through a video, a hacker going by the name of Comex has showcased the Google homepage running on the small screen of the Apple Watch. Since the device only houses a 1.32-inch or 1.5-inch display, it requires a lot of scrolling in order to actually find what you’re searching for.

Moreover, the Comex (via Phone Arena) has seemingly not managed to get a keyboard working on the Apple gadget, thus rendering the web browser useless. This hacker happens to be a famous jailbreaker and a former Apple intern as well. He is yet to disclose how he got the web browser working on the device in the first place.

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch was released in the form of three different collections during this April. Compatible with the iPhone 5 and its successors, it works with connected smartphones to deliver features like viewing health information, responding to notifications, getting live navigation information and more.

As much has it has turned out to be popular, it has had its fair share of controversies as well. Those who bought the stainless steel variant of the device started seeing scratches on its body after just a few hours of usage. Moreover, it was also recently discovered that the heart rate monitor of the device cannot work properly on tattooed wrists.

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The Apple Watch is available now in limited markets around the globe, and can be grabbed at equivalent prices ranging from $349 and going upward of $10000.